Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thus Spake HiLIARy Clinton...

In the beginning, Politricks created HiLIARy

HiLIARy's campaign was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of HiLIARy as she saw the rise of Prophet Barack who would be King of Americaland.

And Politricks said, let there be lies: and there were Lies.

And Politricks saw the lies, that they were good...

And HiLIARy became the Princess of Lies.

HiLIARy divided the people by the lies she told.

She spake about being shot at in Bosnia.

And it was not so.

She spake about the unimportance of Prophet Martin during the Civil Rights Movement

And it was not so.

She promised that the Lands of Michigan and Florida would not be counted because of their sins against the Democratic Party.

And it was not so, especially when she saw the rise of Prophet Barack.

She said that she would not seek her throne in Florida.

And again it was not so...

And the rise of Prophet Barack brought great fear unto the heart of Princess HiLIARy.

And her great fear of Prophet Barack causeth her to speak unto her servants, "Come, let us tell even greater lies about why Prophet Barack might be slain if he is elected King of Americaland."

And the people were wroth with the words of Princess HiLIARy. She spaketh a loathsome thing unto the land where several kings had been slain.

And the wrath of the people turned against Princess HiLIARy because she spake of the death of former Prince Bobby and Prophet Barack.

And so Princess HiLIARy wrote unto the great kingdom of New York words that were also lies about her not meaning what she had spaketh.

But the people did not believe her because their wrath was kindled against her words suggesting that the young Prophet Barack might be slain...

And the people started thinking and turned their eye with favor toward the young Prophet Barack...

Thus the seeds of anger were sown again Princess HiLIARy.

And the people saw that it was good...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Black Bogeymen, Barack and the 2008 Presidential Vote

This article first appeared as an editorial written by me in the May 6, 2008 Nashville Tennessean.

A double standard for a black candidate

Two months ago, white America had only two black activist ministers as their bogeymen, the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

They can now add a third: the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Chicago, since most of white America did not know he existed prior to March 13, when ABC News aired highly edited segments of his sermons.

The sermon segments, looped thousands of time on news outlets and YouTube became the most talked about "political issue" of the 2008 presidential campaign since Wright's most famous parishioner was Barack Obama. I believe that clear thinking Americans will hold the candidates responsible for their policy proposals rather than their pastors' utterances.

As an African-American, I am used to experiencing double standards in every aspect of my existence in this country. Stiffer sentencing for rock (crack) cocaine users (majority of whom are black) than powdered cocaine users (majority of whom are white), lighter sentences for white than black juveniles, whites "finding food" during the Katrina disaster while blacks "looted" for the same food are just three examples of how white America places a Band-Aid on white "challenges" and performs major surgery on black "problems"…

Hold white candidates' feet to fire

So for a change, let's follow the logic when by holding some of the white 2008 candidates' feet to fire the way some white Americans have done with Obama's:

• Mitt Romney was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints before 1978 when it taught that some black people of "Hamitic lineage" were banned from its priesthood.

• Priests in Rudy Giuliani's faith community, the Roman Catholic Church, had molested children and banned women from its priesthood.

• John Hagee, John McCain's pastor, referred to the papacy as "The Great Whore."

By the standards imposed on Obama, all of these candidates should be castigated and vilified for not leaving their respective faith communities and held accountable for not "repudiating and denouncing" their pastors and priests. But we forget one thing: they're all white and Obama is black, and so the white double standard forces Barack to be joined at the hip with Jeremiah Wright for the duration of his bid for the presidency.

Because of this racial hypocrisy, I am convinced that nothing Obama says or does will be enough to satisfy the feeding frenzy involving his former pastor.

Even though we have 4,000 dead Americans in Iraq.

Even though the dollar is at an all-time low in global markets.

Even though gas is creeping toward $4 per gallon.

Even though the mortgage crisis is snatching the "American Dream" of owning one's home from millions.

Even though these real crises exist in a nation that has never dealt honestly with racism, we choose to make Barack Obama responsible for the utterances of his minister. The 51st state of the United States is the "State of Denial." So says political commentator Paul Levy.

I agree with him.