Saturday, December 02, 2006

Aren't You Tired of Black People Being Murdered by People Classified as White?

It's happened again.

Sean Bell, a 23-year old Black man was shot 50 times with 9mm guns by four police officers as he was exiting a club the night before what should have been the happiest day of his life, his wedding day. Two of his friends, attending the bachelor party are in serious and critical condition after barely surviving the barrage.

He was unarmed...

He had no arrest record...

He was getting married the next day...

The officers who committed the murder were put on administrative leave with pay (killing a Black person earns you a paid vacation).

The Mayor of New York has called for a "thorough investigation".

Sound familiar? Of course it does, because even though Sean's case is getting national attention, many police murders never reach CNN.

Look at what happened to Deandre Brunston in Compton California if you can. He was shot 81 times and was also unarmed.

I could name others and so can you.

Aren't you tired of Black people being murdered by people classified as white?

I am, and so was Ida B. Wells in 1892. The mother of Black journalism and anti-lynching crusader wrote this when the killing of Black men and women was occurring nearly every day throughout the United States:

"The lesson this teaches and which every Afro American should ponder well, is that a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give. When the white man who is always the aggressor knows he runs as great a risk of biting the dust every time his Afro-American victim does, he
will have greater respect for Afro-American life. The more the Afro-American yields and cringes and begs, the more he has to do so, the more he is insulted, outraged and lynched."

--- Ida B. Wells, Southern Horrors: Lynch Law In all its Phases,

And so was Toni Morrison in 1987 when she wrote in her powerful book, Song of Solomon about The Seven Days:

"There is a society. It's made up of a few men who are willing to take some risks. They don't initiate anything; they don't even choose. They are as indifferent as rain. But when a Negro child, Negro woman, or Negro man is killed by whites and nothing is done about it by their law and their courts, this society selects a similar victim at random, and they execute him or her in a similar manner if they can. If the Negro was hanged, they hang; if a Negro was burnt, they burn; raped and murdered, they rape and murder. If they can. If they can't do it precisely in the same manner, they do it any way they can, but they do it. They call themselves the Seven Days. They are made up of seven men. Always seven and only seven. If one of them dies or leaves or is no longer effective, another is chosen. Not right away, because that kind of choosing takes time. But they don't seem to be in a hurry. Their secret is time. To take the time, to last. Not to grow; that's dangerous because you might become known. They don't write their names in toilet stalls or brag to women. Time and silence. Those are their weapons, and they go on forever."
"You? You're going to kill people?"
"Not people. White people."
"But why?"
"I just told you. It's necessary; it's got to be done. To keep the ratio the same."
"And if it isn't done? If it just goes on the way it has?"
"Then the world is a zoo, and I can't live in it."
"Why don't you just hunt down the ones who did the killing? Why kill innocent people? Why not just those who did it?"
"It doesn't matter who did it. Each and every one of them could do it. So you just get any one of them. There are no innocent white people, because every one of them is a potential nigger-killer, if not an actual one. You think Hitler surprised them? You think just because they went to war they thought he was a freak? Hitler's the most natural white man in the world. He killed Jews and Gypsies because he didn't have us. Can you see those Klansmen shocked by him? No, you can't."

Both Wells and Morrison talk openly about what many Afrikans debate privately: In the face of constant and sustained violence against Black people, when is it proper to use violence to obtain justice?

Opponents of apartheid asked this question on November 28, 1992 when four members of a white country club were killed as retaliation for 24 members of the African National Congress being killed four days previously in a peaceful demonstration in South Africa.

Whenever I hear Afrikans like Sean being killed, I don't just think of him.

I think about his fiance, Nicole Paultre who is also the victim of this latest police murder.

I think about his two fatherless children.

I think about the children that Sean and Nicole will never have.

I think about Sean's mother.

I think about Sean's father.

I think about how such grief and anger continues to be the price Afrikans pay for living in a world where their lives are cheap.

I think about what Ida B. Wells said.

I think about what Toni Morrison wrote.

I think about what the Azanian People's Liberation Army did on November 28, 1992.

I think about the world's largest graveyard, the Atlantic Ocean, where millions of my Ancestors lie buried beneath its waters because of the TransAtlantic Slave "Trade"...

And again I ask, "Aren't you tired of Afrikans being murdered by people classified as white?"

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Eleven "Smooth Stones" For the Reparations Struggle

I love working to replace white supremacy with justice and for me the struggle for reparations for the TransAtlantic Slave Trade is the ultimate way of doing this. In workshops and speeches I make around the country, I tell the audiences that there is no such thing as "racial reconciliation" until atonement has been made.

Roy Brooks in his extraordinary book, Atonement and Forgiveness: A New Model for Black Reparations argues that there can be no "forgiveness" of the crimes against humanity committed by Europe towards Afrikans unless there is a concomitant atonement for these crimes. A person simply cannot say, "I am sorry for what my ancestors did to your ancestors, will you forgive me?", and expect to receive "forgiveness" no more than if you burn down a person's house, and ask, "I am sorry that I burned down your house, will you forgive me?". You must make restitution for your crimes so that forgiveness can be enacted that can eventually lead to reconciliation.

So what are some practical things that people can do to in the struggle for reparations? I get asked this question all the time, so here is my list of eleven...

1. Read about the History of the Reparations Struggle - If you don't know who Queen Mother Audley Moore and "Reparations Ray" are, are oblivious to what the letters NBUF, N'COBRA, GAC and CURE stand for, and have no understanding of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, you need a primer on reparations. I mentioned Roy Brooks' book above but add to your reading list The Debt and Should America Pay? They are also good books to get a broad overview of the reparations struggle. Any good worker for justice must be equipped with a knowledge of what s/he is struggling for so they can provide others with strong and fact-based reasons for seeking justice.

2. Join an Organization that Supports Reparations - If you belong to an organization that does not seek justice in the form of reparations you should work to make sure it does. This has been done successfully in the Episcopalian Church, the NAACP and other organizations that may be undecided about the movement. Existing organizations such as the Global Afrikan Congress, National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, National Black United Front and Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation are four of the many organizations that see Reparations as a global movement for justice.

3. Ask all Politicians Running for Office if They Support Reparations for the TransAtlantic Slave Trade - Litmus test issues in the U.S. include, abortion, the environment and prayer in school so why not reparations? Write, call or better yet ask politicians running for office do they support reparations for the TransAtlantic Slave Trade? Don't let them waffle in answering the question. A clever ploy for them is to say that they support Congressman John Conyers' HR-40 Bill since many of them believe that it will never be passed out of committee. Follow-up by asking/writing that while such support is admirable, do you think that Africans in America should receive reparations for 250 years of enslavement and 100 years for state-sanctioned racism? Don't let them slither out of the question by allowing them to say they support jobs and education for African Americans. Press them, press them, press them...

4. Organize a Study Group in Your Community on Reparations - This is already being done in communities around the Afrikan world. It is easily done and can meet once per month to discuss developments in the reparations struggle.

5. Keep Up with Current Developments in the Reparations Struggle - You will not find Katie Couric, Brian Williams or Charles Gibson bringing the latest news on reparations to mainstream (white) media. Rather there are excellent sites, e.g., Restitution Study Group, Africa Reparations Movement, Millions for Reparations and Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation. Too often we "believe the hype" we hear on conservative talk radio, rumors and outright lies from opponents of the reparations struggle. Get your own information from reliable sources. The internet makes this surprisingly easy.

6. Lobby for local "slavery disclosure resolutions" that will aid in the development of lawsuits against governments and corporations that profited from the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. Cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and Nashville were pioneers in passing ordinances supporting, Congressman John Conyers' (D-MI) HR 40 and corporations complicity in the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. These efforts were successful in educating local lawmakers about the importance of understanding history in their respective districts and its connection with the present status of Africans in America.

7. Understand the International Dimensions of the Reparations Struggle - The struggle for reparations is not confined to the United States. Movements in France, Jamaica, S. Africa and Canada are mounting efforts to litigate multinational corporations and governments that profited from the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. Acquaint yourself and others with the UN World Conference Against Racism's Final Declaration which states that the TransAtlantic Slave Trade "was a crime against humanity".

8. Have Viewing Parties of Films that Document the Current Exploitation of Africans in the World - Two films that should be widely seen are Life and Debt and Darwin's Nightmare. Both films show how the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, sale of illegal arms and HIV-AIDS are all linked in the historical exploitation of African people and continue today in even more horrific ways. A viewing party with discussion can serve as a "reparations class" for those who have not connected the historical and economic dots about the continuing impact of enslavement on Africans.

9. Immediately Write a Rebuttal to any Article that Opposes Reparations - Opponents to reparations take themselves seriously and are obsessed with spreading lies about the reparations struggle. Their emotional rather than fact-based arguments are easily countered, but if they remain unanswered the become "half-truths" and take on a life of their own. I make it a point to "search and destroy" at least two of these "letters to the editors" or "editorials" per week so that they do not grow like intellectual fungus. To quote suspect European Mark Twain, "A lie will go halfway around the world, while the truth is still putting on its shoes."

10. Become Thoroughly Acquainted with Current Commissions Studying the Impact of Enslavement and its Aftermath on Afrikan people
- The Illinois Transatlantic Slave Trade Commission, The Brown University Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice and the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot Commission Report must be studied by all who want to understand the direct links between white supremacy's hoary legacy and the African world. The work of these committees reveal the sordid history of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade and its aftermath. These commissions' historical roots can be traced to the Organization of African Unity's 1993 Commission on Reparations that analyzed the continuing legacy of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade on the African world. The Abuja Proclamation said that, "Convinced that the pursuit of reparations by the African peoples in the continent and in the Diaspora will itself be a learning experience in self-discovery and in uniting experience politically and psychologically. Convinced that numerous looting, theft and larceny have been committed on the African People calls upon those in Possession of their stolen goods artefacts and other traditional treasuries to restore them to their rightful owners the African People.

Calls upon the international community to recognise that there is a unique and unprecedented moral debt owed to the African peoples which has Yet to be paid - the debt of compensation to the Africans as the most humiliated and exploited people of the last four centuries of modern history"

11. Tell Others About These Eleven

So there you have it: eleven practical things you can do for the Reparations struggle. Eleven practical things you can do to replace white supremacy with justice...Eleven Smooth Stones...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Catch A Fire

"Catch a wind, catch a rainbow, catch a fire
Catch a fire, catch a fire
Catch a wind, catch a rainbow, catch a fire
Catch a wind, catch a rainbow, catch a fire
Catch a fire"
--- Bob Marley, Catch a Fire

I eagerly anticipated Catch a Fire, the fact-based story of South Afrikan, Patrick Chamusso who was politicized by his own experiences with the brutal white supremacist regime during the apartheid era. I had seen the previews and hoped that the film was not just another white-washed "apartheid light" portrayal of the most brutal system of white supremacy visited upon Afrikans.

I'm always nervous whenever there is a film about any aspect of Black suffering since the depictions invariably show the iconic "white savior" of Afrikans, e.g., Mississippi Burning, the forgiving Afrikan sufferer, e.g., The Green Mile and a "soft approach" to what actually happened in the lives of Afrikans in the film.

Unfortunately, Catch a Fire included all of the above and threw in other hackneyed themes for good measure. Even though stories such as these are loosely based on fact, they rarely show how absolutely brutal the oppression of Afrikans was. The "PG-13" rating was my first suspicion that I would be going down this road, yet again. It's like making a "G" rated film about the Holocaust or having a film entitled "Auschwitz, the Musical". It won't happen, and when you think about it, there have been very few films, if any that shows the murderous brutality of whites perpetrated on Afrikans. Enslavement, Reconstruction, Apartheid all get a "light" treatment by Hollywood. I believe the reason for this is because the primary concern of the producers is to make white people feel good when they leave the theater. Thus Joe Slovo, one of the most outspoken critics and organizers against the S. Afrikan regime is depicted prominently in the film, most likely because his daughter was one of the producers.

Why pick this story? Because it shows that all whites aren't bad, Afrikans are forgiving and there's "racial hope" for all of us. It's "Racism Lite" if you please, with little attention to an on-screen portrayal of how monstrous whites were toward Afrikans.

I'll spare you the ending, but "Catch a Fire" ignited very little in understanding how white supremacy operated and still operates in the lives of Afrikans.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Is the "Fix" On?: Voting Fraud and the November 7th Election

I hope I'm wrong about what I'm thinking...

I hope I'm wrong that on November 7, 2006 massive voting fraud will take place in the United States and that Afrikans in Amerikkka once again will be disenfranchised as they were in the 2000 and 2004 election.

I hope I'm wrong that the mysterious computer code alleged to be the key to hacking the new Diebold voting machines which anonymously appeared at the office of former Maryland State Legislator and long-time critic of voting fraud, Cheryl Kagen last week is only one of a kind.

I hope I'm wrong that this computer code and similar ones may be used to suppress the vote of Afrikans and others in the United States on November 7.

I hope I'm wrong that even conservative news commentator Lou Dobbs says that "American democracy is at risk" because of faulty voting machines.

I hope I'm wrong that the "fix" is on and that on the morning of November 8, 2006, people in the United States finally understand what *total* disenfranchisement from the electoral process is --- something that Afrikans in Amerikkka have experienced, fought and died for since 1870 when the 15th Amendment to the Constitution "guaranteed" their right to vote.

We'll see...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Darwin's Nightmare

Yesterday at the Washington Chapter of the National Urban League members of the Global Afrikan Congress showed the film Darwin's Nightmare. It is one of the most powerful films I've ever seen and shows the intimate relationship between white supremacy, the economic rape of Afrika, the spread of HIV-AIDS, the sexual exploitation of Afrikan women and children, globalization, how Chrstianity is used to further the aims of white supremacy and the arms race. To be sure, the film is depressing, but it is a powerful indictment of how Europe continues to underdevelop Afrika.

If you have a chance to see the film, do so. It is a study in the madness of white supremacy and its must vulnerable children. For more information on showing the film, email a request to

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Reparations in a Nutshell

Mary Mitchell, an Afrikan columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, has written one of the most compelling AND succinct articles on reparations for enslavment I've ever read. If you know *nothing* about reparations, which many reparations opponents are too ashamed to admit, here is a "Reader's Digest" version of "Why Reparations for the TransAtlantic Slave Trade?" for you...

Slavery was the Black Holocaust, so Treat it with the Same Respect
by Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times

fortunately, this is not a novel view, nor is it one that has only been expressed by white people.

Nearly a decade ago, the former Nairobi bureau chief for the Washington Post, Keith Richburg, caused quite an uproar when he allegedly told a white colleague that "it was better to have been brought across the ocean in leg irons than to be stuck now in modern Africa."

Blacks routinely portrayed in negative light

That anecdote -- retold across black America -- was included in Richburg's book Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa, and has been a mantra of some black intellectuals ever since. And truly, given the horrific problems Africa has faced -- now being ravaged by HIV/AIDS -- only the most romantic and those on a mission of penance would leap joyfully at the prospect of relocating to Africa.

But a black person at least has an inherent right to make such a statement.

Where does a white person get off telling black people how they benefitted from their ancestors being slaves?

Still, I'm not surprised that at this juncture of the reparations debate, the "there's-no-better-place-to-be-impoverished-than-in-the-U.S." argument has found its way into a mainstream newspaper that reaches countless black households in Chicago and in the suburbs.

I wouldn't address such lunacy except that it was given voice in a newspaper where I have worked for 15 years. That angers me. And it raises a question about the liberties everyone feels they can take when it comes to black people.

I support free speech, but it seems to me that we are slipping back to the time when blacks are routinely portrayed in such a negative light in media that we might as well be back in the '50s. Really, had a black writer argued in mainstream press that Jewish people are better off because of the Holocaust, I don't believe his or her article would have seen the light of day.

It doesn't matter how successful Jewish people are today, the fact is, the Holocaust was an unimaginable tragedy. And for a black person to argue that the Holocaust had some hidden benefit for the modern Jew would have been seen as an obscene and explosive argument.

Frankly, I don't believe it would have gotten past an editor.

Slavery was the black Holocaust, and whether people agree or disagree with reparations, this unimaginable tragedy for blacks should be treated with the same respect. But slavery is rarely treated in the same sacrosanct fashion with which the Holocaust has been treated in this country. Indeed, Jewish people are free to say whatever they want about the Holocaust and slavery. But blacks who dare utter a disagreeable word about Jewish people -- period -- are labeled anti-Semitic.

More important, who can speak with certainty as to what level of progress Africa would have reached, absent colonization by racists and mercenaries?

Who can say the type of society that would have evolved and the contribution that society could have made to the world had the continent not been stripped of its resources?

And I'm not so sure that most Africans who have endured the worst of times in their own land wish to come here and endure the disgusting racial attitudes against blacks that still exist in the Unittes.

Slavery not just free labor

If that were the case, Nelson Mandela, and hundreds of other political prisoners, would have caught the first boat out of South Africa when that country's apartheid government ended and the prison cells opened after 27 years. Instead of South Africans fleeing here, we saw black intellectuals from across the country making the reverse trip back to Africa -- sitting in first-class seats.

I think some of us need to be reminded that slavery wasn't simply a matter of Africans not being paid for their labor.

As noted in The Slave Community, a historical text by John W. Blassingame, slaves were "constantly exposed to the whims and passions of every member of the family; from the least to the greatest, their anger was wreaked upon" them.

Blacks will never have it so great here that they forget the torture, rape and murder of their ancestors who survived American slave ships, any more than Jewish people can forget the torture, rape and murder of their ancestors in German concentration camps.

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Reparations: Attacking the Misconceptions and Acknowledging their need in Today's world - Opinions

Reparations: Attacking the misconceptions and acknowledging their need in today's world - Opinions

Monday, August 21, 2006

Is Bush an Idiot?

Of course he is, but I'm not the only one who is saying it.

Suprisingly, conservative Republicans like Joe Scarborough are increasingly voicing their views that the Commander in Chief is more like the "Idiot in Chief".

Scarborough said, "I think George Bush is in a league by himself. I don't think he has the intellectual depth as these other people."

I agree. It takes complex thinking to do any management job and even more complex thought to be the President of the United States. We know Bush was an affirmative action "C" student at Yale and if he would have stopped there, his intellectual capacity (or lack thereof) would not have cost thousands of lives in Iraq and hundreds of lives during Katrina.

The man just is not smart enough to govern and finally pundits such as George Will and William Buckley, defenders of all that is Right in America, are voicing their opinion on Bush's feeble brain power.

Like others, I have watched Bush commit egregious grammatical errors that compared to Dickens' Micawber, take the idea of a word salad to new heights. People laughed at Clinton's "wonky" meetings of intellectuals who came together to discuss everything from the economy, to global warming to the Middle East. Bush couldn't hang in such gatherings because he seems unable to roll over an idea in his head and look at the world as a complex set of political, economic and social interactions all affecting one another.

He's just an idiot and now white conservatives are saying what Black folks have known all along...

Monday, August 07, 2006

GOP Fears Cynthia McKinney Campaign "Rope A Dope"

I just read a brilliant article (below) and received permission from its author, Mary Alice Miller of the New York Chapter of the National Black United Front (NBUF) to reprint it here. It is concerning the most important political race tomorrow (forget Joe Lieberman, everyone knows that he's gonna get whupped good tomorrow) the runoff election of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia. She is *totally* "unbossed" and "unbought" to echo the late Shirley Chisholm's 1972 Presidential campaign slogan and the election is a clinic on how Black stooges for Zionists, a lukearm Congressional Black Caucus and weak-kneed Democrats can be defeated by one of the strongest Black stateswomen occupying public office in the United States.

Here is the article in its entirety...

August 4, 2006 Dekalb County, GA


Mary Alice Miller

National Black United Front (NYC Chapter)



Despite the Georgia Republican Party’s best efforts, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is running a strong campaign.

The GOP has tried everything: financing her competitor’s campaign, vilifying her in the press, open primary crossover voting, promoting outright lies.
McKinney remains undeterred.

Sensing a McKinney victory, the GOP is hedging its bets. After Hank Johnson’s dismal showing in Monday night’s first televised debate, even the most rabid ‘anyone but Cynthia’ proponent had to admit their candidate has serious flaws. Recognizing it is too late to front a more competitive/ competent candidate, the GOP is dusting off another old strategy: reverse psychology.

Talking head Bill Shipp, a Georgia democrat who positions himself as left of conservatives, has introduced a “GOP conspiracy to resurrect McKinney”.
Shipp lays out several elements to support his claim:

1) After fronting former judge Denise Majette (an African- American) in the 2002 4th Congressional District race against McKinney, and doing everything short of worshipping the Devil in order to get her elected, the GOP purportedly convinced Majette to abandon the House seat in order to mount a doomed run for the Senate. According to Shipp, the republican goal was to remove Majette as an obstacle to McKinney’s return. (An alternative view considers the cold shoulder treatment Majette reportedly received once she arrived on Capitol Hill. The cloud of being elected by Republican ‘anyone but Cynthia’ crossover votes instead of legitimate Democratic votes followed Majette throughout her 2-year tenure.)

2) Shipp claims that the Republican-led state legislature and the Bush Justice Dept. reconfigured McKinney’s congressional district in a way that increases the strength of her base- to prove how much elephants cherish her. (Congresswoman McKinney’s district was redrawn after the 2000 census. It was also recently redrawn mid-census, just prior to the current 4th district election season. Adding 10 new voting precincts mid- election to McKinney’s district introduced her to a new constituency at an awkward time. McKinney was not moved. She took pleasure in embracing new constituency, strategically focusing her message to the five new voting precincts with substantial black democratic numbers.)
3) Shipp claims the specter of McKinney losing is driving the far right nuts.
(Reverse psychology is an old tactic. The truth is the specter of a McKinney victory is driving the far right nuts.)

How could Republican strategists have been unprepared when McKinney nearly lost the Democratic primary in July, claiming they are counting on her help in November? Georgia republicans aggressively interjected themselves into the Democratic election, thanks to open primaries.

The Grand Ol’ Party can’t have it both ways. Either the GOP wants to unseat McKinney or they don’t.

Believe Shipp when he states “If McKinney wins the runoff, the Republican direct-mail campaign will center on her in the fall.”

The GOP should not fool themselves. McKinney cannot be controlled by remote. She cannot be goaded into juvenile name-calling. She cannot be manipulated into working against her own best interests.

Stereotypes can be deceiving. When Muhammad Ali was in the prime of his boxing career, he was perceived as a ‘dumb jock’. All brawn, no brain. With the introduction of his brilliant rope-a-dope strategy, Ali showed the world that black athletes could employ critical thinking skills in order to succeed.

McKinney is a product of history. S he stands on the shoulders of our Ancestors. The courage to challenge inequity (and iniquity) is in her DNA. While the GOP is throwing sticks and stones, setting up roadblocks, and spreading disinformation, McKinney conserves her energy. She strikes unexpectedly, with force.

Do not be fooled by GOP talking heads. Shipp’s reverse psychology strategy is simply a ploy to prepare the psyche of good white folk for yet another McKinney victory.

New Yorkers, if you believe Representative McKinney should remain in Congress (and a strong member of the Congressional Black Caucus), express your support. The McKinney Run-Off election is August 8, 2006. She needs our support.

Send donations to Cynthia McKinney for Congress
P.O. Box 371125
Decatur, GA 30037

You may also donate on-line at

Mary Alice Miller
National Black United Front (NYC Chapter)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

White Media: ((((yawn...)))

If you want truth and accuracy about 1) what is going on in Lebanon 2) what is going on with reparations 3) what is going on in the world in general, DO NOT, I repeat do not rely on the white-controlled media. It is agonizingly boring to listen, read and watch white media continually distort everything from the war crimes committed by the Israelis in Lebanon, to their neglect in reporting one of the most important elections in recent African history, the Congo.

With all white media, everything is measured in degrees and so I tend to listen/read several outlets (except for the mind-numbing and stupid Fox "News" network) and make up my own mind about what is really going on in the world. Unfortunately, most Americans get their news from TV and rarely go beyond what the talking heads say to them each night.

I don't want this to be another missive about white bias in the media, there are tons of articles that already deal with that. What I want to provide are a few links for getting accuracy when you simply want to know what is happening with people of color around the world. Here they are:


Read the English version of Aljazeera at:

Read the African-Arab Forum at:

A good website that you can "shop" for news on the Middle East by country is:


National Coalition for Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA)

Reparations Central

Resitution Study Group


The Final Call

The Chicago Defender

Like President George Clinton says: "Free your mind and your ass will follow."

Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Condoleezza Rice: Midwife From Hell"

Every once in awhile, you hear and read something that totally captures what you feel about a person or an event. Matthew Rothschild's article calling Condoleeza the "midwife from hell", is exactly how I felt when I heard this Black stooge of Bush say that the Lebanon represented "the birthpangs of a new Mideast" at her speech in Rome last week.

It would seem that the suffering of Lebanese during the past two weeks, would awaken in Rice some ancestral memory of the suffering of Black people in the United States, but it hasn't. Indeed "Condi" as her recovering alcoholic boss refers to her, is a right wing white man caught in the body of Black woman. Even her predecessor, Colin Powell sought redemption by handing in his resignation to "the worst president in all of American history" as referred to by the "dean" of White House reporters, Helen Thomas.. Rice, while obsessed with ambition, is clearly following in her boss's footsteps as being one of the worst Secretaries of State in history as well. The tragedy of Rice is that the face of "foreign policy" of the United Snakes of Amerikkka is now a Black woman, just as when Powell worked for this administration it was a Black man.

How ironic. Afrikans in Amerikkka have always brought a moral high ground to the policies of this nation both domestically and internationally. Malcolm X's world view of the situation of Afrikans, Martin Luther King's protest of the Vietnam War and more recently, Afrikans uniting to to get the TransAtlantic Slave Trade declared a "crime against humanity" at the 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism, are in this tradition. Not only has Rice abandoned this tradition, she seems incapable of producing a foreign policy philosophy that is independent of the "cowboy diplomacy" of Bush that Time Magazine says has been declared dead.

She is indeed the "Midwife from Hell" and has aborted morality in her role as Amerikkka's chief diplomat.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Bush Goes to the NAACP

I always have mixed emotions about the NAACP.

I am a member of the organization, have attended (and spoken) at their conventions, yet still harbor conflicting views about its policies. It's not about the organization's rich history of "civil rights" struggles. It's not about the organization's power to capture headlines on areas of racism still present in Amerikkka (you will consistently see me spell "America" with 3 Ks so that one is mindful of the racism still being tolerated in this country's history). Rather, my reservations about the organization lie in its unholy alliances with groups and corporations that harm the African community in the United States.

Take for instance the NAACP receiving large donations from tobacco companies. How can the civil rights organization justify such "fund-raising" while smoking-related disease disproportionately affects Africans in Amerikkka? The same goes for it receiving large "donations" (really cheap advertising) from the liquor industry, while alcoholism runs rampant among the very people it claims to be helping.

So with all of that in mind, I watched Bush pay a reluctant visit to the NAACP convention this week in Washington DC. Before yesterday, Bush had never spoken to the convention and was the first "president" (I use this term loosely to describe his theft of the 2000 and 2004 elections) since Warren Harding not to. The delegates were non-plus in its reception of Bush and gave him their loudest applause when he mentioned how alienated the Republican Party was from Black folk.

As I listened to his address I was again impressed by how stupid the man is and his usual folksy charm and rhythm before staged white audiences, didn't work with the Black folks there. That was what I was most proud of when I heard the weak applause for his gratuitous remarks about racism's history in Amerikkka.

For me, it is simply unimportant that Bush appeared before the convention because nothing was accomplished other than to say he was there. His low ratings in the polls makes it "safe" for him to talk to Black folks now without alienating the few white folks he has left in his column.

What would be important is for the NAACP to revisit its history of dubious alliances with unholy groups. My Dad was fond of repeating the adage that, "if you lie down with dogs you will get up with fleas." In that context, the NAACP has an infestation of fleas that it needs to get rid of which includes liquor and tobacco companies and its accomodationist positions with white allies who have always hampered the group from speaking with an unmediated voice. This was a primary issue when W. E. B. Du Bois, one of the founding members of the NAACP quit the organization in 1934 because of what he felt were weak positions taken by Walter White's more conservative views of desegregation. The NAACP under Bruce Gordon's leadership will hopefully reorder its priorities so that it will be uncompromised on all fronts.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back on the Block with Reparations

I deliberately stopped updating my blog because of events in the world during the past six months that are simply apocalyptic in nature. I wanted to look at many of them and simply see how some of them have/are played[ing] out. The Israeli invasion and destruction of Lebanon spun by most western media as an attempt to "free two Israeli soldiers" is about as unbelievable as Bush speaking today before the NAACP. More about this in a separate blog.

Viewing Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth a couple of months ago got me to thinking that there are simply far more important things happening on the planet that should be addressed by the entire world. It is not an exaggeration to say that most of the major environmental and social problems in the world are because of Eurocentric thinking and influence at every term. I am even more convinced that people of color and particularly Afrikans, are the "soul" of a diseased body and that they must "fix" a world that is rapidly deteriorating because of white supremacy's stranglehold on everything that really matters.

I look at shit-faced grinning Bush being the puppet of so many people who are far more wickedly clever than him. Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Zionists, Blair and so many others reinforce the history of this idiot that he destroys something that is relatively intact, doesn't know how to put it back together and then removes himself from the scene. Just think, three years from now he will be history, but the destruction that he has wrought on the world will be felt for generations to come.

On a more upbeat note, the AP story about the series of reparations victories is one of the more accurate pieces written about the reparations struggle. I am proud of the work done by my friends, colleagues and activists on the greatest unpunished crime the world has ever known --- the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. I've been musing lately about how reparations activists can incorporate in their message the need to repair a world that is literally dying under the weight of white supremacy in the nine areas of white supremacy discussed by Frances Cress Welsing and Neely Fuller. I will be talking about this much more, but for now:


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Coretta Scott King Joins the Ancestors

I'm writing this from Columbus Ohio and watched part of Coretta Scott King's funeral on TV. Four Presidents --- Bush I and II, Clinton and Carter were there, and it was truly an amazing spectacle. I always admire people who speak truth to power regardless of the circumstances they're in, and Joe Lowery did that when he dissed Bush II's lies about "weapons of mass destruction"...I really liked that...

Coretta's homegoing marks the beginning of the independence of the King children. Coretta and Martin never saw their grandchildren because there were none. It will be interesting to see if they marry, adopt or have children and forge a new era in the King legacy. My bet is that Dexter will marry first and that Bernice will be married within two years...we'll see...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Something's Old about "Something New"

Last night I went to see "Something New", a film about an "interracial romance" between a Blackwoman (Sanaa Lathan) and a Jewish landscape architect (Simon Baker). The description of the latter is important, since throughout the film, Lathan's paramour is referred to as "white", and it isn't until her "friend" Leah's wedding that it is revealed Baker is Jewish. Lathan is a high-powered tight-ass accountant in a nearly all-white LA accounting firm and is ultimately rescued professionally by her white boss and personally by her Jewish lover.

This is clearly the most destructive portrayal of Black relationships since the infamous "Monster's Ball" for which Halle Berry won an Oscar as "Best Actress" in 2001. What is far more insidious than "Monster's All" (no typo) is that "Something New's" symbolism rips to shreds the "silly" idea that Afrikan relationships can be healthy; indeed, they are all pathological. Lathan's brother is nothing short of a male 'ho and wanders in an out of relationships like a semi-reformed pimp. Her parents are Black Bourgeosie all the way with her mother (Alfre Woodard who by the way in real life is married to a white man) epitomizing everything that is bad about the Black middle class. One of Lathan's best friends is in a relationship with a married man. There are only two relationships that appear to be healthy --- Lathan's best friend who is healthfully in love with the always funny Mike Epps and of course, Sanaa and Simon.

Blair Underwood, the "IBM" ("Ideal Black Man") is quickly dispatched by Lathan after she simply doesn't "connect" with him, while Baker's dog, forced hiking into the woods, request to have Lathan's weave removed, dirt (he's Lathan's "landscape architect"), symbolic rape and alas, dismissal of racism as "tiring" are all tolerated and negotiated until they "work it out". The ending of the film is so ridiculous with Lathan actually dressing Baker in a Mataraci guitar suit with her in a filthy white formal dress reentering a Black cotillion and dancing with her "white" boyfriend while young Blackpeople simply smile and approve.

As I left the theater I heard Blackwomen saying, "Maybe I oughta try a white man." and "She [a friend] would be good with a white man." These comments reflect the not so subtle brainwashing that runs throughout the film, that Black relationships just ain't worth shit and Black/"white" relationships should be viewed as ideal. In the end, she marries her "white" paramour and they apparently live "happily ever after", with even Mike Epps, recommending "giving" it a try.

"Something New" is really something old --- naked white supremacy's historical attack on the sacredness of relationships between Afrikan women and men. It paints them as being silly, stupid, not worth the effort and ulimately "less than" a relationship with a "white" person who can rescue you from the ills of the world and love you in a deracinated world. In this sense, the film is excellent science fiction and keeps Blackwomen thinking that one day race will not matter and they should quickly open their beautiful hearts and legs for white men to continue fucking them in every way imaginable. I know, I know, it's just "entertainment". So was "Birth of a Nation"...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Village Idiot Speaks and I think about quitting Amerikkka

As I was listening to the State of the Union Address last night, I couldn't help but feel a sense of total disconnection from the United Snakes, more than at anytime in my life. If you are Black, it is hard in the best of times to live with a sense of ease in Amerikkka. I am seriously considering leaving the U.S. As an Afrikan in Amerikkka it seems pointless to stay in a nation where on the same day that Coretta Scott King joined the Ancestors, a white supremacist joined the Supreme Court. To hear the Selected president talk about cutting programs which sends coded messages to his white wing supporters, to hear him blame his colleagues for blocking his "social security reform" and to hear him sabre rattle against the Palestinians who democratically elected Hamaas to govern them, was like listening to the Village Idiot. No sophisticated thinking, a perpetual shitfaced grin that disgusts even his handlers, lies upon lies and twisted logic makes it all the more easier to realize that for Afrikans in this land mass it will be increasingly difficult to remain here.

Me? I'm going to be following in the steps of Randall Robinson, and simply quit Amerikkka...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

JP Morgan Counters Mounting Student Boycott Against Educational Loans

It's been a couple of months since I've entered information about the reparations struggle, but events have been happening fast and furious. The most important development is the national campaign mounted by Deadria Farmer-Paellmann to boycott JPMorgan over because of its slaveholding past. . Farmer-Paellmann created a website that advises students to withhold applying to JP Morgan for students loans for their higher education. This is a lucrative market for all banks and as expected, JP Morgan counterattacked by mounting a propaganda ad campaign during the holiday break. Farmer-Paellman says that, "Our boycott campaign is asking students to boycott loans from banks complicit in slavery as a way of demanding a settlement in the slavery restitution lawsuits pending against JP MorganChase and several other banks. The case was filed in March 2002 and is now on appeal in the 7th Circuit
Court of Appeals in Chicago, IL. We are asking for a Humanitarian Trust Fund to be created with settlement funds to be used to improve the lives of slave descendants."

Farmer-Paellman's courage in mounting this suit is in the tradition of Rosa Parks refusing to stand-up 50 years ago on a Montgomery bus. I am always encourage when the "Power of One" is exercised against white supremacy and there is no doubt that the Student-loan-anti JP Morgan campaign will be successful.

Stay tuned...