Friday, September 30, 2005

White Supremacist Bill Bennett: Abort Black babies and the crime rate will go down...

Bill Bennett's pompous ass has made yet another stupid comment which reflects the mindset of Amerikkka relative to Afrikans and crime. In a "clean up" interview over remarks he made that you could reduce the crime rate in America by aborting Black babies, Bennett opines, "...that anyone who knows him knows he isn't racist. He said he was merely extrapolating from the best-selling book "Freakonomics," which posits the hypothesis that falling crimes rates are related to increased abortion rates decades ago. "It would have worked for, you know, single-parent moms; it would have worked for male babies, black babies," Bennett said." Perhaps they don't know he is "racist" but then again, not many white Amerikkkans have insight enough to really understand what being racist is in the first place.

What is intriguing is the typical Black leadership response to such comments. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Wade Henderson have weighed
in with the usual round of condemnatory phrases with Henderson going a step further by saying that Bennett's show should be pulled from the airwaves. While I applaud Jackson and Henderson for condemning Bennett's racism, most likely that is the "endgame" and nothing else will happen. There is a degree of political impotence when racists like Bennett make such remarks because nothing really happens to them.

Imagine for a moment if he had said, "If you could abort every Jewish baby, the production of Hollywood movies would decline."? There would be an outcry from the ADL and other groups condemning his remarks as anti-Semitic but the difference would be that the ADL and other Jewish groups would find ways of making sure Bennett's mouth would rarely be heard again on any social issue. Afrikan leaders in Amerikkka should condemn such remarks; they should also proceed to sanction Bennett in every way possible so that he as well as others who amusingly propose genocidal practices against Afrikans will think twice before making such remarks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Post Katrina Traumatic Syndrome

I have deliberately not posted on my blog for nearly three weeks. Like other Afrikans in Amerikkka, I was outraged, saddened, troubled and mesmerized by what occurred in the aftermath of this disaster and I wanted to collect my thoughts before I wrote about it.

I am not going to say much about the naked white supremacy shown during this disaster. Mike Brown, the former head of the Federally Elimination of "Minorities" Agency (FEMA) arrogantly told his white colleagues in Congress yesterday that he did nothing wrong during the hurricane. In this sense he was correct since his job was to make sure that Afrikans died during the storm. I'm also not going to say much about white Amerikkka's view of this horrific tragedy since "polls show" that the "racial divide" in this country is deeper than the San Andreas fault. I'm also not going to say much about how Bush and his minions at the white house are not only clueless, but have increased the anxiety of white America about the US's preparedness to deal with a national emergency. I find it both humorous and ironic that white folks are now saying what we've felt all along --- the United States despite color coded warnings can never prevent a disaster from affecting the entire country be it natural or man-made.

What I do want to write about is Our vulnerability as a people. I think Katrina's aftermath, not the disaster itself, shows that this nation can do anything to Afrikans and we can only feel helpless as the killing transpires. It shows our absolute vulnerability and dependence upon a white supremacy system that is hell-bent on destroying us at every turn. The dispersion of Afrikans estimated at nearly 350,000 from New Orleans is the greatest scattering of our people in this nation since "emancipation" in 1865. Afrikans from New Orleans are now living in all 50 states. News programs have spotlighted Afrikans relocated to some of the whitest states of the Amerikkka --- Utah, New Hampshire and Alaska and highlighted the cultural shock --- Post Katrina Traumatic Syndrome (PKTS) if you please --- they are experiencing.

But we all share this syndrome, because we see ourselves in the faces of the Afrikans who died at the Superdome, floated down the streets of New Orleans and cried for help as Bush finally cut short his extended vacation in Crawford Texas. We see ourselves in the faces of the beautiful Afrikan children sleeping in the arms of their traumatized mothers and fathers as they "readjust" to the white enclaves scattered throughout this land mass. We see talking heads doing segments on the "heroes" of Katrina who they say are nearly all white since the system of white supremacy cultivated so perfectly by this country must show white people "rescuing" Afrikans and extending a hand to them so they can convince themselves they are not guilty of harboring racist ideas about Afrikans.

We are traumatized because we are reminded that this nation has, can and will kill us --- and we can do little about it. This is not being pessimistic but very realistic about where we are, right now in our 400 year journey in this dying land. It should give us pause and force us to think about what we need to do --- quickly I might add --- to organize ourselves so that we can protect ourselves from white supremacy.

See you at the Millions More Movement on October 14-16 in Washington...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina and Raw White Supremacy

Where to begin; first of all let *no one* refer to my people as "refugees". Such language continues the depersonalization/marginalization of My People in a land that has always viewed Us as less than human. We are marginal citizens of a nation that for four hundred years continue to show utter contempt for Afrikans in Amerikkka.

Secondly, why would someone *stop* rescuing men, women and children because of a few snipers (still perhaps an urban rumor) are on the loose in New Orleans? Has the Fool in the *White* House stopped "rescuing" Bagahad, Tikrit or Mosul because of a few snipers? Not at all.

Thirdly, why are we still *asking* whether or not this tragedy is white supremacy in its rawest form? *Asking* such a question makes me feel that the asker wants to preserve the misguided notion that there is a *possibility* that the Fool in the White House and his minions are somehow *non racist* toward My People. He is an unreconstructed white supremacist *as are most* white Amerikkkans who benefit on a daily basis of the largesse of a society that supports *at every level* white supremacy. Until *that* issue is addressed, everything else about "whassup" with "multiculturalism", "cross-cultural understanding" and "diversity" is intellectual masturbation. *Any* organization that does not go to the heart of what is the most dangerous attitude on the planet --- white supremacy --- as far as I am concerned is merely trying to ignore the elephant in the room.

Finally, what you are witnessing with the Afrikans in New Orleans is nothing short of genocide. The question has been asked a thousand times this week, that if the people there were white and middle class would they be rescued/housed more quickly. Absolutely. This is a deliberate attempt to kill a significant number of unwanted Afrikans in New Orleans to repopulate the city with a more acceptable white population (see There have been repeated requests by the Black mayor of New Orleans for greater assistance by the Army Corps of Engineers to strengthen waterways and the levee system. This has been ignored *repeatedly* by the government as well as follow-up over a year ago with a simulation ("Hurricane Pam") that forecasted what is now happening in New Orleans.

It's too bad that the Fool in the White House *did not* visit the Superdome as he did his drive by in the disaster area. The Blackfolk there would have done to him what should have been done a long time ago. Even *he* ain't that stupid...