Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Racism, Katrina and how White People "Find" and Black People "Loot"

The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words but in a white supremacist society captions are worth a million. Check out white people "finding" and Black people "looting" in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina. *Both* people are "doing" the same thing: attempting to survive the horrific tragedy of Katrina, but the Associated Press says that "Biff" and "Brittany" are "finding" their food while "LeRoy" is "looting" his. Is this a racist mindset? Of course it is, but the AP would deny this vigorously and actually be shocked by such an allegation.

Even amidst a natural disaster that some are calling the "worst in American history", headlines such as "Put the Niggers in the Superbowl" are emerging. Why? Because race and racism are *always* beneath *any* social discourse in Amerikkka and like pus, begins to flow when the right social tragedy needle lances them. I have little hope that people classified as white will ever see themselves as *the* main problem with racism in Amerikkka. They are, as Robert Jensen (white) has recently said, but then again, why be bothered with facts when white stereotypes of Blackfolk are more fun to play with?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pimping Four "Brothers", Vanilla Ice and Reparations

I went to see the film "Four Brothers" last week and concluded that not only was it a lousy film, but a prime example of how Black people are pimped. Without revealing too much of the plot, essentially four men --- two Black and two white --- reunite for their adopted mother's funeral (she's white of course) who has been murdered during a convenience store hold-up. Revenge against their adopted white mother's murderers is the theme of the film as they rampage throughout a rundown Detroit seeking the murderers.

Mark Wahlburg is clearly the "brother" in charge and can freely make "friendly" racial epthets to his Black "brothers" since, after all he was raised with them. Interestingly enough the film was directed by John Singleton who also produced "Hustle and Flow". Singleton has a mixed history of bringing films to the screen that portray Black life in America. His now classic "Boyz in the Hood", was probably the epitome of a well-done film on Black life as was "Baby Boy". "Four Brothers" is not only a terrible film but allows the white characters to say and do anything to Black folks since somehow they have been legitimized by being commonly reared by a white grand dame in the 'hood.

Interestingly enough, Craig Brewer, the director of Singleton-produced "Hustle and Flow" has announced that his next film will be featuring David Banner who will make his acting debut along side Samuel L. Jackson in “Black Snake Moan.” The movie is about a white woman who is a nymphomaniac and must be cured by a black bluesman (!).

I think Craig Brewer is fast on his way to becoming the "Vanilla Ice" of Black film since he is following in the footsteps of his predecessor who attempted to appropriate hip-hop music in the early 1990s with "Ice, Ice Baby". Brewer attempts to pimp Black culture by selling silly scenarios on Black life to our people. Unfortunately he is being aided and abetted by two Black folk: John Singleton and Terence Howard...

Marimba Ani says that the critique of eurocentric behavior must be aggressive because the destructive forces of European culture are aggressive, unrelenting and ubiquitous. Afrikans need to understand that *all* art forms emerging from eurocentric minds --- both white AND Black --- are oozing with the pus of white supremacy. Reparations seek to address not only the wounds inflicted by racism, but the cure as well and understanding how white supremacy entices our minds and seduces our thinking is an important task for the conscious Afrikan.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

International Reparations Commission formed in Barbados

From Friday to Tuesday of last week, I was in Bridgetown, Barbados at a meeting convened by David Comissiong of the Clement Payne Movement in Barbados. The group met to fulfill one of the promises made at the Global Afrikan Congress' (GAC) Constitutional Convention in Paramaribo, Suriname in October 2004 to create an International Reparations Commission (IRC) as the arm of the GAC pressing for reparations on a global scale. The International Front of Afrikans for Reparations (IFAR) was born at the organizing convention of the GAC in Bridgetown in October, 2002 with the promise of organizing Afrikans globally to pursue justice in the form of reparations. The IRC is the natural evolution of the IFAR and will work closely with the African Union's Group of Eminent Persons (GEP) created by the late M. K. O. Abiola of Nigeria that was the Organization of African Unity's (now the African Union) arm for pressing the political agenda of reparations for Afrikan people. We spoke via phone with Dudley Thompson one of three members of the original GEP and he is enthusiastic about the GAC International Reparations Commission.

We voted to hold a 2007 meeting in London, England to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade by the UK. The meeting will be held there to counteract the propaganda machine of the UK who will no doubt indulge in the continuing orgy of "good will" toward Afrika via "Live 8" and Tony Blair's Commission for Africa. There is no doubt in any of the founding members' mind that the 2007 "celebration" will also be used by the western white powers to denounce reparations for the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, and our conference will provide the world with information on the continuing impact of slavery on Africans around the world.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Momentum Builds for the Millions More Movement

I'm really happy about the response to the Millions More Movement on October 14-16, 2005 in Washington DC. I received a call today from Toronto Canada and the Global Afrikan Congress is chartering a bus to the meeting, which some estimate will be the largest demonstration in Washington DC's history. It will no doubt be the largest demonstration of Afrikans ever held and my biggest fear is that some folks are going to wait until the last minute to get lodging for the event. I reserved my hotel room in April and there was already a premium on space. Momentum is really going to build after Labor Day and already I've heard talk that as many as 7 million Afrikans will be in DC! If past is prologue, the white supremacist news media will ignore it and then tell people that only 500 people showed up. Look for the Super Slaves to condemn the MMM; they'll be trotted out like show dogs to condemn Farrakhan's work and will be embraced by the white media...

What I love is the fact that this will not be an one time event but the beginning of a united movement of millions of Black folk. Even if people can't come to DC it would be great if on Friday, October 14, that a "Day of Absence" be supported. Don't show up for school, work, playing football, basketball and anything else. In other words, what if Black folk didn't show up for one day and staged a national boycott of Amerikkka? It would send shockwaves throughout the world. We will see what happens...

For those folks who missed the 1995 Million Man March this will be a chance to be a part of history and to begin a united movement of Afrikans that will spread throughout the world. I'm really looking forward to this historic event...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Wachovia's Manipulative Ways Being Exposed

The Wachovia Corporation continues to be exposed about its disingenous way of doing business. Two stories during the past week illustrate this. In Philadelphia, the bank has been criticized for not negotiating with 5,000 poor homeowners who have defaulted on their home loans so that they will not be foreclosed. Keep in mind we are talking about a corporation whose 2003 assets were $24.5 billion.

South Carolina Black lawmakers also see the recent "partnerships" with national Black organizations for what they are as well---a set of nothingburgers. South Carolina state legislator Robert Ford said the promised "$10 million" should be in the neighborhood of "$200 billion" and would then be viewed as a sincere attempt to atone for Wachovia's slaveholding past.

What is ironic about both JPMorgan and Wachovia's admission to their past histories of enslaving Afrikans is that in 10 years if not sooner, these paltry sums --- $15 million between both of them --- will be a public relations nightmare. Reparations for enslavement are inevitable, and these two corporations had the first chances of doing the right thing, but instead opted to continue their exploitive histories of Afrikans in Amerikkka. It will come back to haunt them...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wachovia Story in The Final Call; Thoughts on the Mau Mau Rebellion

The Final Call ran an article today about Wachovia's publicity stunt in providing $10 million to six Black organizations. What I love about The Final Call is that it is only Black national weekly newspaper in the US and is uncompromised in its stories about the Afrikan community. It is an excellent newspaper that all Blackfolk should subscribe to.

The Global Afrikan Congress is preparing for its organizing meeting of the International Reparations Commission that will be held next week in Bridgetown, Barbados. It will be a small gathering of Afrikans from the Continent, Europe the US, Canada, South America and the Caribbean and will set a date for the a 2006 international conference on reparations.

I had the privilege of talking yesterday to Dudley Thompson who is now 88 years old and living in Florida. Ambassador Thompson's life is a history of the pan-Afrikan struggle and he knew everyone from Nkrumah, Padmore, C. L. R. James, M. K. O. Abiola and Du Bois and attended the famous 1945 Fifth pan-Afrikan Conference in Manchester England. Ambassador Thompson defended Kenya's Jomo Kenyatta at his trial in 1952 for leading Kenya's Mau Mau Rebellion. Ambassador Thompson's life story needs to be recorded from his own lips and we will be discussing this next week in Barbados.

Sometimes it pains me that we know so little about our history and links to Afrika. We know what "The Boston Tea Party" was all about or the Amerikkkan Civil War, but very few of us know about the importance of the Mau Mau in the struggle for independence in East Afrika. Would that we knew Our history as well as we know theirs...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wachovia, Reparations and Accountability

Last week was a busy week among reparations activists. A full-scale educational/public relations campaign was launched about the obscene "$10-11 million", Wachovia said they would donate to six groups as a result of their "no surprise" revelation that their bank enslaved Afrikans in Amerikkka. Several of us held an extensive conference call and formed "Phase I" of a multiprong strategy to hold corporations that confess their slave holding past, more accountable. A press release was sent to 850 newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and the result was overwhelming. Dr. Conrad Worrill and others did several interviews with newspapers and radio stations about our response to Wachovia...The Final Call newspaper, the only weekly national Black newspaper in the country, will run a full story next week in their issue. I received a call from a friend of mine in Boston saying that some Black conservative on the radio denounced the press release and essentially said that the writers didn't know how corporations worked. Not surprised that many Afrikans in Amerikkka cannot conceive of justice being exacted from their masters by other Afrikans. It is impossible for them to dream of a world *without* white subjugation...

Discussions of a national boycott is being discussed and the newly formed National Black Boycott Information Bureau is interested and will publicize our campain. It boggles my mind that corporations with the blood of our Ancestors on their hands can determine what they "should" do for atonement. It is as I have said before like a serial killer deciding that he should spend six months on probation and fined $100.