Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nappy Ass Hair

Viral on the 'net, this video says much about how Our hair is viewed by Ourselves. Is it child abuse --- both physical and psychological? You decide...


  1. disgustedbw7:14 PM

    It is as you've just implied and downright saddening. There are better ways to comb "kinky-curly" hair. Clearly, this child's mother did not see it fitting to take the time out and do it right. A little water, and a touch of LOVE, would've done a world of good.

  2. Very sad. Our people are confused in confused land. Hopefully this mother and child will, somehow, find a way to be dignified in nation that mostly teaches us self-hate. kzs

  3. This "mother" was not "combing hair"....A beautiful Black Child with a beautiful head of hair was nothing more than an object of frustration for this "mother"....How sad, self hate...But the "mother" found it fitting to dress her daughter in an american flag shirt... This truly distubs me, language and all....

  4. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Why was thwe mother cursing the child? She needs to learn to deal with the fact that the child has a head full of hair and also learn how to comb her hair. Very disturbing.