Friday, November 07, 2008

'Twas the Day of Election

“When out in the world there arose such a clatter
I turned on my TV to see what was the matter
On all of the stations there were millions of Blackfolk
Standing in lines to cast their Black votes

More rapid than eagles their relatives came,
Cousins and aunts and voted the same
Voting for history and deep in their hearts
They honored their Ancestors who had done their part.

And then in a twinkling I heard at eleven
That Barack had been chosen over McCain and Palin
Tears flowed down the cheeks of people worldwide
And I saw My People bursting with pride

They were chubby and thin, the old and the young
They came from all places to right the wrongs
The world saw a people who were always denied
The justice for which many had died.

And then in a moment the Beautiful First Family
Came on the stage in front of humanity
And the tears flowed even more as we saw this great sight
And we said to the world on that glorious night:

‘The struggle continues, it will be hard and raw
But at this moment in time it is worth it all
For we can tell our daughters and we can tell our sons
That if we band together victories can be won…’”

1 comment:

  1. Asante sana,
    Your variation on a household theme is indicative of how important it is that the development of a new mindset begin to come into being. Once the damage of the Maafa and its residuals have been repaired and the injustices redressed, what will be our next steps? I would like to think those steps will look and feel like what we all experienced Tuesday evening when Obama reached the coveted 270. It was at that point that Afrikans in particular and others in general realized that the brick rejected by the builders had in fact become the cornerstone.
    To Y(our)Journey!