Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Racial DNA of The United States of Amnesia

We're one week exactly from the most historic election in American history, and I continue documenting events during this period. I'm writing this from Thurgood Marshall/Baltimore-Washington International Airport while waiting for a flight to Toledo Ohio where I will be speaking to city residents on how to talk about racism.

My job should be easy tonight since yesterday a plot was uncovered to assassinate Barack Obama. Two white white supremacists from Tennessee were planning on killing 88 Africans in America, don all white tuxedoes then die in a hail of bullets attempting to kill Barack Obama. The news media is covering these events heavily and pundits are snickering about the absurdity of the plot and portray the two would-be assassins, Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman on the fringes of society and dismiss them as malcontent looney tunes vying for attention.

They're not.

They represent a large segment of the United States that has tolerated the existence of white supremacist groups since the founding of the Ku Klux Klan on Christmas Eve 1865, in Pulaski Tennessee. Like albino roaches, the KKK, Neo-Nazi, Skinheads and other white supremacist groups are born as mutant offspring of an America that spawns domestic terrorism against Black people. Members of these groups know that they say and practice what is on the minds of many white Americans too afraid to express their hatred toward Black people openly, but code it in syrupy language such as, "Country First!", "not like us", "Obama associates with terrorists" and "I just can't identify with him."

We forget how the KKK has a history of influence on electoral politics, particularly presidential elections particularly between 1915 and 1944.

We forget that white supremacists have routinely been found innocent despite overwhelming evidence that they are guilty of killing Africans in America.

We forget that Tuskegee University recorded 3,437 lynchings of Black people between 1880 and 1951, though some estimate that the number of unrecorded lynchings could be double or triple that amount.

We forget that embedded in the minds of many white women is that they will be paid attention to, rescued and exonerated from crimes if they blame an imaginary Black man for molestng, raping or hurting them. Behold the dumpy looking Ashley Todd last week accusing an imaginary "6 foot 4 inch" Black man with "shiny shoes" of carving a "backward 'B'" on her cheek and sticking his hand up her dress because "he" was angry about her support for John McCain. Salivating conservatives like McCain's Pennsylvania media director exaggerated the claims of "victim" Todd before she confessed that she had lied about the entire incident.

Yes, white supremacists know that embedded in the racist wombs of many white people is a primeval fear of Black people and how these wombs can become racist embryos if the right racial sperm penetrates them.

Todd knows it.

Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman know it.

David Duke knows it.

And so does Sarah Palin...

They all understand the racial DNA of the United States of America all too well...

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  1. Scary, isn't it? This whole news blackout.

    Thanks for the post.

    Greetings from London.