Monday, October 13, 2008

IT'S ALIVE!!! John Muckain and Sandra Palinothology's Racial Frankenstein Monster

Still blogging after all these years, especially now as we countdown to the most historic presidential election in American history...

The nearer we get to the election, the higher the anxiety is among people classified as white struggling with their racism. Five other points to ponder:

1. Consider the idiot who got up last Friday night and said that Barack Obama was an "Arab" (??!!)

2. The racism tolerated by both Muckain and Palinothology have come back to haunt them so that they are actually forced to defend Obama against the vile and vicious attacks of Joe and Josephine Six Pack. Like Shelley's monster, the encouragement of racist chants during political rallies has come back to haunt them. John Lewis likened the Muckain's rallies to those of George Wallace in 1972 that were a feeding frenzy for racists disguised as populism.

3. Muckain is plummeting in the polls and Americans are saying they're tired of the attacks on Obama.

4. The economy is on a roller coaster ride globally. It is a pyrrhic victory for Obama since the mess caused by Bush's "deregulation" and lack of oversight by a Republican Congress from 2000 to 2006 has created an unprecedented global financial crisis.

5. Palinothology's being found guilty of ethics violations by an Alaskan legislative committee.

It is fascinating how the media is now pumping up the notion of the so-called "Bradley Effect" which refers to the failed 1982 gubernatorial bid of Thomas Bradley because white voters lied to pollsters about who they would vote actually for.

CNN and other news outlets are raising the same specter with Obama's campaign and reports that he could lose as many as six points due to the fact that whites lie about voting for Black candidates to pollsters and actually vote for white candidates when the voting booths curtains are closed. It's almost as if the media is suggesting that white voters actually do this at the very last minute, and mentioning it over and over provides a "See? I'm not the only one who feels this way" rationale for the individual sitting on the white supremacy fence.

I think that this campaign will be written about for decades because so many ugly but ever present issues are surfacing: racism, sexism, voter disenfranchisement, experience of elected officials and the relationship between religion and the state.

More later...I hear the #1 Hockey Mom is about to make a speech...

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