Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Racism and the Election: Slithering into November 4...

I've decided to do a daily blog from now until November 4 about this historic election. It is important that Africans in America provide an historical voice about what is going on now so that generations who follow might read Ourvoices rather than what a future or even contemporary white historian says about these events.

Last night I watched the debate between Barack and McCain. I got a little nostalgic since the debate took place at Belmont University, just a few miles from where I taught at Vanderbilt and Fisk Universities for 22 years while I lived in Nashville.

McCain is a mean-spirited S.O.B. and when he pointed to Barack as "that one", while lying about an energy bill, I winced since it reminded me of the "you people" comment of Ross Perot during the 1992 Presidential campaign. McCain's campaign is in a desperate situation since it's behind in all of the national polls. Sarah "Hockey Mom" Palin is appealing to white racists in a speech she made two days ago in Florida. Blackfolk are very skilled at reading coded racist language, simply because of the fact we have to in order to survive in a white supremacist society. I don't expect either Palin or McCain to apologize for their not-so-coded racist remarks. They're appealing to the hardcore white supremacist element that comprises a third of all of those who will vote in the first place and their votes are definitely needed to get McCain back in the race.

Stock markets around the world are tanking and the stupid $700 billion "bailout-to-Wall Street-executives" simply isn't working. This has been to Barack's advantage since Americans see the Democrats are viewed as being better able to handle the economy. Are we looking at a global depression? Who knows, but regardless the end of America white supremacist rule over the world is waning...

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  1. Nice to see you blogging again. I doubt you will actually do one every day, but I applaud you having "decided to" ;-)

    Look forward to seeing you here in Nashville on the 24th.

    A luta continua

    I voted for Barack by Noon on the first day here of early voting. I hope others take the time to get out early and handle that business.