Monday, August 27, 2007

PETAA: People for the Ethical Treatment of All Afrikans

In light of the orgiastic treatment of Michael Vick by the media, and the outrage (shared by me) of his cruel treatment of dogs, I'm forming a new organization called PETAA (People for the Ethical Treatment of All Afrikans). Its animal analogue is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who wage similar battles for "animal rights". This is what PETAA promises to do...

1. Whenever an Afrikan is beaten, killed or maimed by a white supremacist, there will be a feeding frenzy on the perpetrator(s) that will call for their lynching, castration or both. At the time of this posting and according to google, 19,752 postings were related to the Vick case. We will call for similar media coverage for the Jena Six or the victims of the Katrina who were "mercifully" killed by nurses and doctors.

2. Members must be willing to hug an Afrikan who has been mistreated and if possible kiss them in the mouth.

3. U. S. Senators who are outraged by the abuse of Afrikans must cry on the Senate Floor.

4. A website should be erected that will thank the prosecutors who successfully try those who have abused Afrikans.

5. Background information and possible reasons why the white supremacist abused, killed or maimed the Afrikan will not be given. This will only be done for people who are privileged and white like Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Robert Downey, Jr.

Membership materials will be offered at a later posting. Until such time, make sure you hug an Afrikan, and cry when you hear that one has been mistreated, killed, maimed or wrongfully imprisoned...

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