Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is Hillary Clinton White Enough to Be President?

During the last few months, there have been numerous articles about whether or not Barack Obama is "black enough" to be President of the United States. Given the enormous importance of such questions in a white supremacist society, particularly as a way of creating doubt about the political commitment of Barack to the American Afrikan community, I thought I would list suspicions I have over candidate Clinton's "whiteness" and whether or not white people feel she is qualified to represent their interests in the White (no pun intended) are my observations:

1. She admits being in an interracial marriage since her husband was declared by Toni Morrison as being "America's first Black President".

2. She admits that when she is around a lot of Black people, she lapses into a "southern Black dialect". Hear her "talk that talk" at:

3. Other than Barack Obama, she has the thickest lips of any candidate.

4. Magazines publish racy photos of her (as they do with Blackwomen) on the cover of their magazines.

5. She spent a lot of time in Arkansas, a state with a Black population of 16% which is above the national average.

6. Rap artist Timbaland raised money for her campaign.

So there you have it. Hillary seems to have been around just too many Blackfolks to occupy the White House. White America needs to get a whiter candidate that reflects Amerikkkan values such as eating white bread, wearing Elizabeth Ashley attire, saying that Elvis is still alive and listening to knowledgeable radio pundits such as Rush Limbaugh. Next thing you know she'll be eatin' watermelon, slappin' high fives, and sayin' that her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...


  1. Abena8:28 PM

    Great perspective! In addition to questioning her racial identity, woman can also question "Is she woman enough?" Ladies, just because she looks like us, does that guarantee that she will work for us? Women have always gotten the worst of the lot--add to that being African-American--and we're at the end of the pole for respect but at the top of the pole for sex. Does America look at Hillary as the great white ho? Things that make you say hhhhmmmmmmm.

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Peace Doc,

    I was a guest host on a radio show on WFSK the other night and the host had just returned from the National Conference for Black Journalists...she stated that both Senators Obama and Clinton were present for Q & A. One of the journalists asked Sen. Clinton if "she was black enough"...the audience in their discomfort with the question "laughed it off" and she never answered the question. Now the thing that worries me is the strong possibility that the Republican ticket will win by default based on the fact that people are not ready for a Black, nor a female president, hence, will not vote for neither of the candidates that seem to be in the greatest position to represent the democratic party for this year's election...can you say ghouliani??? That would be the nail in the coffin!

  3. God forbids this 'ghouliani' gets on the "white" house. America was ready for Al Gore but our votes were stolen. I think that a bunch of us are ready for a black or a woman...hell I am a fear is whether how to stop the white supremacy from stealing elections since they appears to have control of the ballots no matter what. I lost a lot of credibility in the democratic process in this country. Too bad since I started to vote not too long ago as a new US citizen.

  4. Anonymous8:12 PM

    The only people asking if he's "black" enough are African Americans. I'm lost, can someone define what it is to be "black"? As far as I can tell, it's just a skin color and doesn't speak to intelligence, honor, ability, character -- any of it.

    Rosa Parks and MLK are spinning in their graves thinking they risked their lives battling racism in this country only to see their efforts thrown away by little "have too hold my dick to keep my pants from falling down" idiots.

    I'd like to see Frederick Douglas come back from the dead and bitch slap all these idiots. It's not the black, it's the stupid.

  5. It is not "white" supremacy -- it's GREEN. It's the folks with the dollars doing what they can to hang on to those dollars. That kind of corruption knows no color nor national boundary. Take a look at China, N. Korea, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and the good old U.S.A. to see those with the money and power doing whatever they can to keep it.

    Everyone wants an end to racism -- except for those who've made enforcing or fighting it their life's work...

  6. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Stop being dorks it's not about dissecting flesh at the request of Obama it's about rising above it, Name calling belongs on the playgrounds life is too short. Find something right and build of that.