Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The "Best Places" for White Folks to Live: Where there are no Blacks...

Every year Money Magazine publishes a list entitled, "The Best Places to Live". The list always includes several indices the magazine claims are "good indicators" for quality of life. Quoting Money: "Some places have everything any family could want - economic opportunity, good schools, safe streets, things to do and a sense of community..."

Buried in the mounds of data Money collects under the heading "Meet the Neighbors" is something called the "Racial Diversity Index" (RDI) which gives June and Ward Cleaver an indication of how "racially diverse" the city/town is. Again, quoting Money: "100 is national average; higher numbers indicate greater diversity". In other words if a city/town scores "100" it is considered very racially diverse as opposed to 5.10 which would indicate racial homogenization.

Others have commented on Money's dubious statistics (see http://internetronin.blogspot.com/2007/07/money-gigo.html). Thus my home city of Baltimore, receives a 760 RDI (!) which means that it is 760% more "racially diverse" than the nation as a whole. In fact, Baltimore is not "racially diverse" since it is (quoting Internet Ronin) "64.34% Black, 31.63% white, 1.53% Asian, .32% Native American, and Hispanics/Latinos of any race make up just 1.70% of the population". Essentially it is a "biracial" city, consisting primarily of Africans in Amerikkka and whites. As Ronin correctly notes, "It seems to me that this so-called "Racial diversity index" is a code word for over-or under-representation of African Americans in a local population and has absolutely nothing to do with 'racial diversity.'"

So what we basically have is a dubious index that is really measuring how many Blackfolk are present (or absent) in a town/city. I looked at the top 10 cities listed in this year's index, Money's "RDI' (in italics) and then the percentage of Blacks in the population (bolded). Here are the data:

CITY "RDI" % Black Population
1. Middleton, WI, 32.8, 1.97%
2. Hanover, NH, 72.4, .47%
3. Louisville, CO, 31.5, .54%
4. Lake Mary, FL, 54.9, .24%
5. Claremont, CA 113.1, 4.98%
6. Papillion, NE, 27.9, .38%
7. Milton, MA, 60.1, .1%
8. Chaska, MN, 26.1, 1.02%
9. Nether Providence, PA, 45.8, 6.12%
10. Suwanee, GA, 96.3, .13%

Doing a little math, we find that the average RDI of these 10 municipalities is 62.1. Money says that "59.2" is the "national average for their selected listed, so hip hip hooray, for 2007 the top ten towns did slightly better than the "national average".

But wait. Let's take a closer look at the presence of Africans in Amerikkka in these towns/cities...

The average population of Africans in Amerikkka in these cities is 1.59%(!). That's right, under 2% and get this, that includes the city with the largest Black population, Nether Providence, PA (African American population = 6.12%). The lowest Black population in the "Top Ten" is Milton, MA (.1%). What Money gives its readers are extraordinarily white towns scattered over the nation which truly are the "Best Places for White People to Live" if they don't want to be around Black folk, who are of course criminal regardless of income and who (gasp!) will lower their property values.

Money, of course will not admit to any implied racism in choosing the towns, but would rather list it under the syrupy sweet category of "Meet the Neighbors" --- something that all good white people fleeing people of color are interested in. It would be interesting as demographics change in Amerikkka to see if increasing Black populations in these hamlets would automatically get them kicked off Money's list. Blacks and Latinos being associated with increasing crime rates is nothing new and Money lets it readers know in a very "civilized" way where these "undesirables" are nearly absent so their white readers will know where to move.

Me? I'm thinking about moving to Chaska, Minnesota (#8 on Money's list) and help increase their RDI. Watch out Chaska, Black man comin' down the street, locks and all to marry yo daughta...


  1. .... Jeeze... Now I feel bad for reading those best places to live lists... My family and I are all born and raised in Michigan and are growing very tired of the LONGGGGG COLLLLLLLD winters... Iv been looking into some southern states to re-locate to. Those lists seemed like nice toos to use, but I guess it just all depends on who is making them. I wish I could say "Sorry" for the racism that still exists... But no matter who you are, where you are, what you do... there will always be someone who hates you for no reason.

    1. Anonymous2:14 AM

      If Blacks want to live with Blacks that's ok. Same with Hispanic, Asian, Indian and so on. But let whites want to live with whites......and they're all RACISTS! Ridiculous!!!

    2. Anonymous1:04 AM

      So what does a married couple do, if the husband is white and the wife is black? Look for a predominantly percentage of zebras?

    3. Anonymous5:21 AM

      Kill em all and let God deal with it

    4. Anonymous12:47 PM

      I would love to find a place to live without any niggers.

    5. Anonymous4:35 PM

      then move to Detroit your a joke.ps bring your own water lol

    6. Anonymous6:07 PM

      I am also looking to move to a white place without blacks or foreigners as well. nothing wrong with being around and enjoying your own culture. I don't want a "new" thing,for me it was the way I grew up (white community) so I am simply looking to return "home" I loved it and nothing has compared ever since. I find that foreigners cluster together and do not assimilate and seem more like the elephant in the room..and ive had non stop to this very day bad experiences with black people ,randomly on the street (not 99% but 100% are black..and they harass me ) so I am needing to out an end to that experience that has made me all but suicidal.so I need to "return home" where it never happened.

    7. I agree....nothing wrong with wanting traditional values and not hip-hop thugs everywhere

    8. Not even Ritz crackers. Know let me guess, with that "cracker" statement that would be you standing up for your race and not a racist comment. Would I be correct .

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    wow. After reading this blog I definitely want to move anywhere that you or people like you are. Race baiting, stereotyping ignoramous.

    1. If u don't agree you shouldn't be looking around on this site, hello don't u think

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Thank you for your comments and you prove my point exactly that living in Amerikkka is *at best* a compromise for intelligent people.

  4. Anonymous10:26 PM

    If this country is so bad, please move out.

  5. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Nah, I choose to make the United Snakes of Amerikkka into the United States of America. Small brained people like you simply choose to stick their heads into the gopher halls that fit them perfectly. Low intelligence has never been an alternative to good ideas...

  6. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Nah, I choose to make the United Snakes of Amerikkka into the United States of America. Small brained people like you simply choose to stick their heads into the gopher halls that fit them perfectly. Low intelligence has never been an alternative to good ideas...

  7. Anonymous2:47 AM

    Thanks for the information. I am white , and prefer living in white neighborhoods. Read "The Color of Crime" to learn why whites don't want to live around blacks. Interesting how the mostly white communities are rated the best places to live, while black communities are mostly crime ridden war zones. Must be due to "white racism" and the fact that blacks were slaves 200 years ago. It couldn't be the fault of blacks that live there.

    1. Anonymous12:14 AM

      yes , and please don't forget the additional hundreds of years of oppression, murdering,brain-washing jim crowing, stereotyping, ghetto-nizing etc. hicks thought they were better than neurosurgeons that were black. we've been killed by you people for years...fear much?

  8. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Well I feel that you are on the right track with opening our eyes as to the undercurrent racism that is still alive and well in the United State. The fact that these other people say that they don't want to live in the Black/Latino area's due to the crime rate is so racsist that I can't believe they have the nerve to write in online and try to put you down because you pulled our coats on it! There are many, many Blacks & Latino's that are well educated and have very good careers, and so what are they also just because they're of color doomed to live in the "HOOD", or The Getto? The white people only want Uncle Toms and bi-racial couple where the Black man has a load of money and can carry the white woman as arm candy to show he does't want to be Black either anymore. Those type of Blacks just start acting like white people, just so they can be accepted into the lily white neightborhoods. But, all in all I feel that if the person who said if we don't like to leave America, I say that we didn't volunteer to come to America, and most of those Whites would not have the money they have if it wasn't for the Black peoples sweat and tears,so if they (the whites) don't want to live by us fine, then give us our 40 acres and a mule + Interest for all the years of having to wait for it, and then we can have a place to live without White People!

    1. Anonymous11:54 PM

      Abraham Lincoln and his contemporaries did exactly that, for any and all former slaves. They founded an entire country in a region with plenty of resources and opportunity for creation of an "ideal" society. One designed specifically for the "unique needs" of former slaves and their descendents, free of "systemic racism" and without barriers to negro achievement and prosperity. Some did take the free ticket "home", but others chose to stay in America regardless.

      Liberia still awaits you.

    2. Why are niggers and mescans on here? We are seeking to get away from you. So what? Do you well do us, see y'all on the battlefield! Come round the house, upl find a final relief from your "oppression"

    3. Anonymous11:53 PM

      Exactly, white people can't even have a conversation without the African Niggers and Spanish Niggers putting their noses in it...

    4. Anonymous10:35 AM

      You right. .I remember when a white family member didn't want me to perform an emergency operation on his ten year old son.The closest "White qualified" surgeon was 140 miles away.They want to wait.The boy died.He died because of ignorance. OH WELL. .

    5. You're full of shit

  9. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Hear! Hear!

  10. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Why are mostly black or hispanic neighborhoods "hoods" and "ghettos", while mostly white neighborhoods are nice, crime free places to live? Or am I a racist for even asking the question? Until blacks create communities that whites would feel safe moving to, it would be irrational to want to live with people that have NO track record for creating safe neighborhoods when they are in the majority. And it is a FACT that black on white crime is obscenely high. Most violent crimes against whites are perpetrated by blacks. White on black crime is very low.

  11. Uh, go rent Martin Scorcese's "The Gangs of New York" from Blockbuster and see how *all* immigrants to this settler nation began their careers in "hoods" like Brooklyn, Queens and New York. *Then* realize that *all* of these white "hoods and ghettoes" produced criminals. The Italians had the Mafia, the Irish, the Molly Maguires, the Chinese, the Tong. Heck, Joe Kennedy the father of JFK was a bootlegger for most of his life!

    *Then* travel to South Boston (white) and note crime rates there, because most of the Irish who still live there never were able to move out of the "white hood" like the Kennedys did and have incredibly high incarceration rates and criminal behavior. Can we all say, "The Departed"?

    *Then* go to Appalachia (West Virginia will do) and note the level of incest, bootlegging (stock car racing has its roots in the moonshine business) and homicide in those communities.

    But don't stop there. Go to Miami, New Jersey and *still* New York and note the level of "organized crime" among the smaller but still dangerous Mafia that engages in murder, racketeering, prostitution, drugs, "waste management" and extortion.

    Did you ever hear of "The Sopranos" or do you have HBO?

    Then ask yourself, is *any* of this different from 50 Cent, Ice T, Tupac, the Notorious, Charles Dutton or for that matter, Frank Sinatra moving from crime to legitimacy through entertainment?

    I don't think so.

    The Black "hoods and ghettoes" that remain in the US include white ones too. The difference is that Africans in Amerikkka remain directly connected to the enslavement, 100 years of Amerikkkan apartheid and a "justice" system that still allows cops to shoot a Black person 50 times and be found "not guilty"...An excellent non-fiction book on this is by New York Times reporter Fox Butterfield, "All God's Children" that links the crimes of the Willie Bosket family to the 250 year old legacy of violence, enslavement and discrimination that characterizes the history of the United States.

    And if you can afford it, try moving to Atlanta into some of the wealthiest *Black* suburbs in the nation. (Gasp! they even have *low* crime rates!) The Blackfolk won't bite you, and in fact most likely will invite you into their homes for some candied yams, sweet ice tea and mac and cheese and *won't* run you out of *their* neighborhoods the way wealthy white "neighbors" have done in some of the communities listed above...

    1. Anonymous12:21 AM

      Ray ,never been to this site, but you have taken the words out of my mouth... they don't undertsand it ,or pretend not to. so deficient in humanity....its like their NOT HUE-mans or something

    2. Anonymous1:18 PM

      Good point Ray.

    3. You should be using a bunch of movies and tv shows to back historic claims.

    4. Anonymous6:08 AM

      ...so where are these world renowned, notoriously dangerous "white ghettos" you speak of....?

    5. Anonymous4:15 PM

      Here's the problem ray, when one person looks at a group of people and see's a trend they apply that to everyone associated with that group. There is truth to racism and stereotyping, but the reasoning is often skewed. When you look for neighborhoods with crime, you will often see a corresponding high percentage of blacks. You can talk about all the movies and tv shows you have seen but crime rates rise with black rates. This doesn't mean black people are crime bound. Crime is also related to a lack of education, which is a problem the black population struggles with. If you really want to make a change you would be promoting the higher education of blacks, rather than looking to blame whites for their racism. White people aren't anymore racist than any other race.

    6. Anonymous2:51 PM

      every country with a major population of blacks is poor and needs the help of whites to survive.

    7. Anonymous3:57 PM

      I have lived in southern california for 50 years. In that time the number of places you can live where whites are the majority have gotten fewer and fewer, and latino neighborhoods are exploding in numbers. In south central LA the latinos have simply begun running out the blacks. They do the same thing to white neighborhoods too, using a variety of tactics, they jsut wear down the whites until they move. They use subtle intimidation, creating noise 24/7, theft, and car vandalism until a white person would have to be as thick as a brick not to get the message and move out. They know it will work and they know our system, they can work the Us gov't like a violin for all its worth and always in their favor. After havin my cra vandalized a hundred times, scratched, dozens of mysterios flat tires and stolen object,s they even go in your flat when you are not there and leave small "gifts" for you to find to let you know until only a fool would simply sit there and allow the brown plague to infest completely. This leads for the perfectly sensible search by white people, for a largely WHITE neighborhood to live in. Hispanics do not believe in "live and let live" it is alien to their culture. It is all about territory and dominance for that is their mentality and how their minds work. If you had not seen it for decades, you might simply read all this and think "another racist". If racism is not wanting to be intimidated (or have my wife intimidated by mexican punks), and be able to go out to my car in the same condition i left it (in the laft year, a busted car window and stolen battery have been their calling cards). I'm certain the only reason they don't doeven more is that they know we are ARMED otherwise what would prevent even more home invasions and burglaries? Those politicians who talk about gun control are delusional. These politicians themselves live not among me and you, but in gated and guarded communities (patrolled by ARMED guards). the biggest California gun grabber of all, Feinstein, herself admitted she "used to" carry concealed 9a revolver in her purse) but says "she no longer does". If this is not supreme hypocrisy then what is?
      The politicians WILL NOT help us as we are supposed to have their racial dreamland shoved down our throats like it or not, and any complainers are "domestic terrorists". How neat and easy this game is for them. in the meantime, the US should be allowed to segregate itself. I myself have paid the price (financial and emotional) from this madness called "diversity". And i wont live in any neighborhood less then 75% white, simply because i want to feel safe at night! the time for talking around this situation is dead and buried. Just to survive one has to develop an almost sixth sense for reading between the lines when choosing somewhere new to move, along with a "recon trip" to said neighborhood long before you move there. The government is so out of touch with the needs and wants of normal americans their information is next to useless as it is no information at all, for the most part "government info" is propaganda and useless boilerplate about "diversity" (that doesn't work and never will), and no reflection of the truth. To protect yourself, and y our family, you need to dig and search for the truth yourself when choosing where to move to.

    8. I am experiencing similar harassment, bullying, gaslighting, and abuse tactics. I am a white female living in a crime infested almost all black and minority area of a metropolis in Texas. It has been awful and traumatizing. Worst of all, there is not one person who will help me, believe me, or understand what I am experiencing. These people are abusive and mean, and they seem to get away with murder. Due to their harassments, I have almost killed myself and have been sick and cursed. I truly detest these ape like people who seem to target me for their abuses. It is awful.

    9. Anonymous1:16 AM

      . The decent men and women of Stormfront will gladly protect you. Contact them, please. God bless you.
      Lindsay Baldwin

  12. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Honestly, the worst day in Boston is many times better than the best in Detroit, Baltimore, or Newark or Haiti or Liberia. Whites aren't the only ones who are successful in America...Asians and Indians (from India) who are people of color, have met or exceeded white standards of living. Why? Because unlike Black people, they have a culture that emphasizes education and hard work. Also their men raise their children. Also, Ireland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and many Irishmen and women travel to Africa to help that Godforsaken hell hole.

    1. Anonymous1:08 PM

      That's because all the poor and starving Irish immigrated to the US

    2. Anonymous12:29 AM

      please stop comparing us to your hybrid off spring, that don't have any cultural similarities to the African, or African American especially. your talking about a few immigrants that have money for education out of a whole country such as India ...All of India is a shit hole to 99.9% of the people. have you ever talked to an india person that's not a doctor,man or business owner.Ask a women or orphan abused child

  13. ...if the point you're making is that you are a white supremacist, it is made well. Last time I checked though, there were several "hell holes", in the white world: South Boston is a good place to begin the list...

  14. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I spoke of Asians and Indians, not whites. So where you get your weak "white supremacist" retort I don't honesty know. Everything I said was factually correct. Statistically speaking, Detroit, Newark, Baltimore, Haiti, Liberia, and the like are far worse than South Boston. Far worse. Blacks do have the highest illegitimacy rate, both here and abroad. Even you would concede that African American attitudes towards education are poor. Ireland does have the 5th largest per-capita GDP in the world (Out of nearly 200 countries) and also commits a disproportionate percentage of overall GDP towards foreign aid to Africa. Your animus toward "South Boston" and the Irish (And/or Irish-Americans) is really laughable. Bob Geldof, an Irishman, arranged Live Aid, a concert that raised $150 million for famine relief in Ethiopia. He and Bono, another Irishman, lobbied hard for, and won, enormous increases in aid and medicine for Africa from the United States (In the billions...and yes, thousands of lives will be saved because of their efforts). My Uncle who lives in Ireland, worked for the UN in Africa for three decades and he dedicated a good piece of his life towards building a better life for Africans. My characterization of Africa as a "godforsaken hell hole" was perhaps a bit out of line. However it is an enormously troubled place.

  15. Clearly, you have a lack of understanding of "white supremacy" and if you don't understand it, you will be confused by everything you *think* you understand.

    For example, the *opinion* you assert about "illegitimacy" is completely incorrect. It is part of the hype perpetrated by the white right to cloud Southies like yourself that most children born in Black communities are "illegitimate". Simply false and I suggest you read this article: http://www.publiceye.org/welfare/Decades-of-Distortion-10.html that will explain why you, like so many whites and even Blacks cite such propaganda and erroneous data.

    Secondly, much of what you write simply sounds like "some of my best friends are colored". Over the years, I've noticed white supremacists cloaking their language of racism with phrases such as, "my best friend *until* the OJ trial was black, blah, blah..." or "he and Bono, another Irishman, blah, blah...". It's a way of feigning that they are "non-racist" but is really an attempt to disguise their contempt for "towel heads", "jungle bunnies", "slant eyes" and other people of color. Trust me, I understand the mentality because I deal with it around the world...

    Finally, I hold absolutely *no* contempt for whites either from South Boston or any other place.

    It's wasted energy to do so.

    What I *do* hold contempt for is *white supremacy* and the attitudes oozing from it. All whites are *not* white supremacists, just those who make faulty generalizations about groups of people and see data and truth as "liberal biases"...

    1. A nigger is a nigger white black doesn't make a difference just so happens there are many more black niggers then white niggers now go ahead and call me a racist . let me just say you will be the first person i contact the moment i give a shit what you think of me

  16. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I am not from "Southie," I am from New York. I've only been to Boston four or five times in my life. My sister went to BU for Grad School. I am a die-hard Yankee fan and therefore would have little in common with the people of "Southie." I am a registered Democrat, and a man of science so I would also have little in common with the "white right." I have no contempt for people of other cultures and backgrounds. Again I was talking about Asians and Indians, whose intellect and culture I admire. My own background includes Irish, Scottish, Jewish, and Scandinavian.

    By the way, whites are the minority here in New York and have been that way for some time. If i despised people of "color" I would not live here in New York as it would be socially impossible for a "white supremacist"

    Honestly, if you had any faith in the validity of your arguments you would not simply dismiss any statistically corroborated dissent as "white supremacy." It sounds to me that you are a man of dogma.

  17. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Congratulations to Barack Obama. A truly awesome and historic moment. Even a so-called "w.s." can appreciate a great American (not Amerikkan) acheivemnet We are entering a new age.

  18. I certainly hope so...misunderstanding of each other can occur on *all* sides regardless of race...

    1. Anonymous12:27 PM

      why are you on this site where tring to get away from you

  19. Anonymous9:26 PM

    why is it so bad to have a list of places that are good for white peole to live? I mean black people like to be around other black people and black things, Spanish like to be in heavily spanish communities, why can't white people be around places that value white things?

  20. I never said that it was "bad" for white people to live where they want.

    The data I cite simply say that where people classified as white live are places where Black people simply *don't* live, that's all. People should be free to live wherever they want, but history shows that there is resistance (and many times violence) when people of color move into neighborhoods which are overwhelmingly white.

    1. Anonymous5:35 PM

      Interesting to note that many black neighborhoods do not respond very well ( violence occurs) to white people moving into their neighborhoods, either.

      I live in NYC and our neighborhood is quite diverse and luckily, we all get along and we do have peace here. Other neighborhoods in this city are not as fortunate.

  21. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Thanks for the list. I'll be using it when I retire. So that I can find a place to live in peace.

  22. Oh you're welcome. Who knows, Sarah Palin may be your next door neighbor...

  23. That sounds great! I'd love to have her as my neighbor. Then maybe I could get some of that sweet ass to go with my turkey...

  24. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Spoken like a true macho white male;-)

  25. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Negroes have no one else to blame but themselves for the fact that human beings do not want to live anywhere near them. I've lived in NYC my whole life and have witnessed countless acts of Negro criminality, wanton cruelty, savagery, bestial violence, & vicious contempt for human life.

    The animal-like stampede that occurred at Wal-Mart on "Black Friday" (an aptly named day if ever there was one) clearly demonstrated what wild, savage, subhuman simians Negroes can be. While one of their own lied dying in agony on the floor gasping for breath, the Negroes that stampeded that poor boy laughed, cracked jokes about his condition, and callously continued to shop(lift).


  26. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Yeah, when you imitate white folks you eventually become like them. Their history of rape, exploitation, greed, avarice, lust, murder, environmental degradation, destruction of the planet, lies, hypocrisy and death dealing is something that all people of color should avoid.

    We, unfortunately learned and imitated you far too much...

    1. Anonymous5:35 PM

      Nonsense. People of ALL races are responsible for their own behavior.

  27. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Caucasoids crack me up. They make materialism their "God", create a fat white man called "Santa Claus" and lie to their children about their existence, make Xmas the ultimate orgy of consumerism, then post stupid comments like the one above decrying "Negroes" as being savages.

    Their #1 tool is deceit and Caucasoids are *always* tricky, liars and deceitful in *everything* they do.

    They should return to the caves in Europe and/or acknowledge their mutant/predatory behavior which makes them so murderously aggressive and poisonous to all life on this planet. As a *true* minority, caucasoids are the most destructive people that ever walked the earth. They remain so.

    1. Seriously.people.Not all blacks are savage animals.not all caucasions are ruining the earth or murdering liars.that's the problem!stop lumping sorry screwed up souls with everyone else.and making it an entire populations problem!I am Native am,.scottish.,irish.,dutch and french. But my baby cousins are half african american.and I would kick somebodies ass they ever bothered those kids.blacks and whites.lationos all races have been rude to these babis! Why for nothing they are precious children born to a world of ignorant souls.these kids are beautiful.yet instead of seeing their beauty.people see color!I think all races!should stop whining and move on.because precious babies like my cousins pay for it.my ansestors were murdered.but I don't constantly whine about it.My great grand parents were put on reservations.tortured.do I whine.no because we were taught to be strong.We are each responsible for our acations.whether good or bad.to have a better life a better world.

    2. Anonymous5:36 PM

      You are exhibit one, racist.

  28. Anonymous4:30 PM


  29. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Most Dangerous Cities in America:
    1) Detroit-81% black, 10% white
    2) St. Louis-51% black, 42% white
    3)Flint-53% black, 40% white
    4)Oakland-35% black, 23% white
    5)Camden-53% black, 7% white
    6) Birmingham-73% black, 23% white
    7)North Charleston-49% black, 43% white
    8) Memphis-61% black, 33% white
    9) Richmond, Ca.- 36% black, 21% white
    10) Cleveland- 51% black, 38% white

    Notice any similarities between violent cities and racial makeup?

  30. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I *really* hope you looked at the data at the **bottom** of the chart rather than just the headline...of the 15 categories of homicides, whites outnumber Blacks in **12** of them.

    Think, rather than react...

  31. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I *really* hope you understand the demographics of this country:
    White alone: 74% or 221.3 million
    Black or African American alone: 13.4% or 40.9 million


    That means that there are 5.52 times more whites than blacks... so proportionately the white % should be divided by 5.52 to give you a representative ratio; or you could multiply the black % by 5.52...either way... it's a staggeringly scary bit of information your Realtor won't give you.

  32. Anonymous5:30 PM

    "There are lies, damned lies and statistics."
    ---Benjamin Disraeli

    Of course I understand what you're saying, and I hope you understand what I'm saying. You're dealing in proportions and I'm dealing in raw numbers. White people outnumber Black people in this country as you point out which means that the number of violent crimes far outdistance those of Blacks.

    It is easy to cite data that show that Black cities are more violent simply because whites refuse to do any analysis that ask the alarmingly simple question of, "Why"? Explanations such as genetics, inheritability, etc. are preferred over rational analyses that clearly show that where poverty is low, income is high as well as education, crime among Black people is at the *same* levels as white people.

    I could go to poor white areas such as W. Virginia, Appalachia and S. Boston and provide similar data. Would that mean that whites are "naturally" more violent? I don't think so.

    It's a convenient yet racist argument white provide to point out the causes of Black violence. It's what social scientists call a "mushy brain analysis" since it involves little real thinking and a lot of conjecturing.

    Connect historical dots and the data are easily understood.

  33. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Nice... your argument is a pretty good one and holds some truth... I find it refreshing to communicate with a Liberal (I'm assuming you are?) with some explanation to back their opinion. The term "Racist" applies to everyone here by the way, myself included; go check Wikipedia. I agree Crime is instigated by poverty... lets look at poverty... Why are people poor? I grew up poor and I can "un-hypocritically" tell you that my parents were uneducated and lazy(I'm white by the way)... I think most blacks suffer the same dilemma... there also the genetics to be factored in... http://www.news-medical.net/?id=9530.
    Lets look at intangible evidence like: Every black dominated nation on the planet pretty much sucks: I have never seen a nice black neighborhood (I'm open to suggestions if you know of any).

    Whens the last time a white (celebrity) got in a shoot out at a night club? (you can take the thug outa da gheto, butchu cant take the gheto outda thug).

    Lets look at the (supposed) origins of homosapiens:


    Wow... apparently there was a 100k year head start on the African continent... did the smart ones leave?

    I know my forefathers my/may-not have brought your people here... and I'll tell you I have black friends and skin color means squat to me... but yah know... fakts is fakts... and opinions are like a$$holes... and its pronounced "A-S-K" not "A-K-S".

    If I'm wrong show me some actual data; give us a link to something; show us what you mean by "Explanations such as genetics, inheritability, etc. are preferred over rational analyses".

    I'm actually not a mindless redneck... I consider myself open minded; I grew up in NW Las Vegas about a mile from MLK Blvd so that should be an indication of my neighborhood; my ideology on this matter is from experience not from left/right wing media or movies like roots and Mississippi burning.

  34. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Wow! You must have missed the segment on 60 minutes about middle class Black people who live in toney suburbs in Atlanta (see:http://abagond.wordpress.com/2008/02/13/the-black-middle-class-in-america/) or how the Black middle class sans crime has doubled since the civil rights era.

    I can't believe you quoted J. Phillippe Rushton's incredibly flawed 2005 study, which has been widely discredited by psychologists (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Philippe_Rushton "Criticisms of Motivation and Funding" and "Criticism of Methodology" under this site). You've got to do better than his "research" since it is connected to Arthur Jensen who cited Sir Cyril Burt extensively in his so-called "Twin studies" which was proven to be bogus data manufactured by the only psychologists knighted by the Queen of England. The house of cards built by Burt came crashing down and took in its wake the work of Jensen, Rushton and Shockley...

    And no, the "smart ones" didn't leave Africa (your ancestors) who populated the cold climate of Europe and developed, what Michael Bradley dubbed, "The Iceman Inheritance" (see again: http://www.amazon.com/Iceman-Inheritance-Prehistoric-Sources-Aggression/dp/1879831007. What you and others fail to understand is that your primary understanding of Africa is very contemporaneous, i.e., only the last 500 years as opposed to the understanding that Africa includes Egypt --- the longest continuous civilization in world history. It would be like me saying that all of European history should be judged on the years 800-1400 AD (the so-called "Dark Ages") and concluding that it was a blighted civilization. No, prior to European chattel slavery, Egypt, Songhai, Ghana, Timbuktu and Mali were the intellectual capitals of the world. I won't even begin to a discussion of how the Moors (from Africa) gave the concept of "0" to mathematics and the Europeans. Just look at Spain's history for that forgotten information...

    And Black celebrities getting shot is no more a criterion for "racial inferiority" saying the pig Elvis Presley overdosing on drugs, Paris Hilton being a celebrity whore or Kurt Cobain blowing his head off with a shotgun are indications of "white inferiority"...I could provide reasons why these three do what they do, which would be far more than what white commentators do with the killings of Biggie or Tupac, but why bother (again) with cause and effect if you're a racist?

    In the final analysis your experiences are a tiny fraction of the history, condition and experiences of Black people. It's clear that despite your upbringing you have also been poisoned by the white supremacist attitudes reflected in other white Americans. It's a shame and hopefully that violent President-elect, Barack Obama along with his dysfunctional family can shed some light on what you don't know about Blackfolk.

  35. Anonymous3:56 PM

    1) I'm white.
    2) I grew up in downtown Indianapolis, and it was as black as it was white.
    3) Some of the nicest people I've ever met were black.
    4) Some of the laziest people I've ever met were white.
    5) As a paramedic in the Atlanta area for 10+ years ('good' and 'bad' areas), it's my considered opinion that blacks and Hispanics are inherently more violent than whites (I won't pretend to know why), in general, even taking poverty levels into account. And I'm shocked at the sometimes total lack of value for *any* human life in some black communities.
    6) I think much violence in black neighborhoods stems from drugs, and I think that blacks may be genetically predisposed to drug addiction, as American Indians are genetically predisposed to alcoholism.
    7) The only people whom I have issues with are the ones who do not like me just because I'm white, but don't know me.
    8) Personally, I don't care what color your skin is, or what country you came to the USA from: if you want to live *and work* in peace and get along with others, and obey the laws of the land, you are welcome in my neighborhood and in my world.
    9) If you're here to steal and kill, I hope you are caught and put away for a long time (regardless of your color). Remember, "The meek shall inherit the Earth." Troublemakers keep me too busy...
    10) Lastly, I had a black friend try very hard to convince me that Jesus was black and had the Bible verses to prove it; I told him that I couldn't care less what color He was! He was sent to save my soul, and for that I'm grateful, whatever His skin color! Can I get an Amen!, friends?

    1. Anonymous1:14 AM

      SOUL? can you tell me where on the evolutionary line of humans Europeans fall.The explanations are not logical despite of the sources. genetically there is no reason for a human to be as pale as white people come or to have blue eyes. the Siberians, annuit people, etc physical appearance fits the environment of an cold climate and they have been there for thousands of years, White aggression and conspiracies are all made to hide the fact that they don't belong, there are a mutation.
      that's why it always will be about black and white. you were made for us to learn what no to be. truthfully ,a lot of us are failing the test.because every story has a villain and white people are it in this life cycle.

  36. Anonymous4:32 PM

    If the government ever pays out reparations to blacks for slavery, I'll find a way to stop paying federal income taxes. I never owned any slaves! We've spent trillions of $ on welfare, isn't that enough already???
    Reparations? If we pay anyone, it should be the Indians for taking their country!

  37. Anonymous7:58 AM

    1. I am tired of you African Americans not being able take ACCOUNTABILITY for anything. As a previous poster said, white neighborhoods are more desirable to live in simply because in general white people don't commit a bunch of crimes against each other and act uncivilized in general. I love how the African American leadership is composed of reverends and PhDs that use their talent and publicity to spread racial hatred instead of using their talent to educate their own people how to act. TAKE ACCOUTABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!

    2. Reparations for slavery? That's ridiculous. Why can't you take "progress" as reparations? America has come so far in accepting racial diversity- so much so that racism isn't even really an issue anymore; you get the same jobs, at the same pay and are afforded all the rights and opportunities of anyone else plus some unfair ones afforded by affirmative action (reverse discrimination). Yet enough is never enough for you.

    Let me give you a little perspective. Everytime I see a black man well-dressed with one of those Bluetooth receivers that African Americans seem to love to have stuck in their ear, a new Chrysler 300C with 20" rims in a driveway of a home they own, I think that's progress. Without slavery that same man would probably be dying of AIDS in Africa with flies defecating all over his lips- if he would have even been born.

    You make me sick, and no- I wouldn't want to live in your neighborhood.

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Thank you My sentiments 100%

  38. You white folks are so funny in all of your racism LOL!!!

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      There are racist of all colors. And it's ALL very sad and ugly.

  39. Anonymous8:29 PM

    To the poster that mentioned accountabiliy: I think you hit the nail on the head. I was watching Dateline NBC tonight and Chris Hansen was talking about the mortgage meltdown. He interviewed two black women: one applied for over $600,000 in mortgages from three different banks when her income was negative. She lied about her income. When Chris asked her if she was at fault when she defaulted on her loans, she said, "Just a little bit, but not a lot." Personally, I've never met one black person that ever took accountability for any of their problems- not a single one. Heck even our president can't take accountability for releasing loans and bailout funds without strict written stipulations about how the money should be used.

    To the poster who mentioned: "Because unlike Black people, [Asians/Indians] have a culture that emphasizes education and hard work. Also their men raise their children." This is an excellent point. There is a fundamental *cultural* difference between Asians, Indians, Whites, and Blacks. Unfortunately, the culture and general attitude of Black people is thier downfall. My feeling is that if their leadership encouraged education and accountability instead of always suing people to make a buck, they would be much more successful.

    To Ray (and back on topic): I'll admit I don't have all sorts of statistical information about historical violence nor do I did I waste my time studying it. However, I would imagine your "historical violence" that occurs when black people move into white neighborhoods includes time periods 20-40 years ago when civil rights and racism were real issues. If so, your data is skewed.

    The reality is that when blacks enter neighborhoods and infect the neighborhood with violence, drugs, loud music, attitudes of entitlement etc., whites simply leave. They don't react violently, they simply take their money and leave. And when they do so, the community crumbles in their wake (theory of White Flight).

    I know my comments and some of the comments of others in this blog probably make you angry. You probably take the comments as critical and use them to reinforce your inner feelings of racism. Your feelings may be right, or they may not. However, I ask one thing of you Ray: take a deep breath and view my comments and that of others that you think are wrong and think about them *objectively*. I think you may find that there is a lot of truth in the comments. And if you find that truth, use your talent and influence to change that truth and help your people.

    As another poster said, America has indeed come a long way. Look to the future; learn from the past but don't live in it.

  40. Anonymous8:57 PM

    I really don't want to dignify this response, but I will a little.

    The most violent people on earth are white people. Period. This violence has depleted the earth of its natural resources, is ancient. The crusades *alone* killed over 90 million people. Add to this Hitler, Hiroshima, the genocide against Indians in *this* country, the rape of Africa, polluted atmosphere, unrestrained "growth" that poisons everything European whites have touched you have the most monstrous people on earth.

    Talk about violence! Why not start with what you people did to red, yellow, black AND white people for the past 1000 years.

    How dare you even compare the universal violence that you people have and *still* perpetuate against the world with the violence of Black folk held in enslavement for 250 years.

    Your arrogance appalls me and I wish most of you would simply keep quiet for 100 years...

    1. Anonymous5:47 PM

      What is racism? Part of it, is making assumptions about people because of their skin color.

      You are a racist to say that white people are more violent that any races of people. You can legitimately say that has been your personal experience that white people are more violent.

    2. white people are the most violent but yet the highest crime rates are in mostly black areas.. Go figure!

  41. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Okay well I'm exiting from this conversation because not only are you not accountable, you refuse to see logic. I ask "not to live in the past" when attempting to look at things objectively, then you cite crap from 1000 years ago. "You people" is not me since I wasn't alive 1000 years ago. No white person today, or at least the majority of white people today, don't share the same views as the crusaders, or *shudder*, Hitler's regime. We don't share these views any more than YOU share the views that the Darfur genocide, Somali violence, or Zimbabwe human rights atrocities, is the right thing. The deaths and oppression due to these three things in the PRESENT day total in the millions.

    And for the record, the Crusades didn't kill 90 million people. It was more on the order of 3-9 million and included many "white" deaths too. This doesn't make it right, but you need to get your facts straight.

    Hitler was wrong and this one evil man launched atrocities never seen before. These atrocities were recognized as "wrong" by white people and many thousands of white (and others) gave thier lives to conquer Hitler. So don't sit there and make it sound like this is part of white culture. You need to get your facts straight.

    As far as "raping Africa's resources", you and your people still don't take accountability. BILLIONS in wealth flow into Africa and it's hoarded by tribal leaders and corrupt governments and not distributed to the people. Instead of improving infrastructure and bettering their lives, the leaders and governments of Africa do the same crap they do in America- buy guns and fight for territory. Every other country with major oil and gas reserves such as India, Indonesia, Russia, and Australia and turned their resources into something very positive for its people. You need to get your facts straight.

    And you know what the strange thing is? The only people that seem to give a damn about the plights of Africans in the PRESENT day enduring all of these atrocities are white people. When was the last time you saw a black person raising money to save the people in Darfur? And I'm not talking about Oprah and other BS figures...I'm talking about common people. When was the last time you saw a black doctor helping those with AIDS? When was the last time you saw a black person helping the hungry children in Africa?

    I wish I can say it's been fun debating, but it really hasn't. It's frustrating to talk with people with so much hate and so much ignorance, that they can't look at things objectively. It's frustrating wanting to show people how much they are helped and valued when they can't escape living in the past because that would mean that they would have to work and be accountable in the present.

    Either you, or your descendents, will learn the hard way. Your attitude totally sucks.

  42. Anonymous11:03 PM


  43. Anonymous1:24 PM

    It's not that I don't like blacks, I just feel better knowing you are far far away from me.

  44. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I agree. And it's not that I don't like whites either, I just keep my distance from them because they ultimately destroy and desecrate anything that comes their way. It's their nature I guess...

  45. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I agree with both of you. Be able to take care of your self and not be co dependant on the other for your ability to make it in this world and you can co exist in peace through self reliance. We can all be happy!

  46. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Absolutely! That's why integration was the biggest mistake in recent history. Black people have never needed whites to survive. If anything, it's the other way around, hence the 250 years of total dependence of whites on enslavement and the subsequent collapse of the south when slavery ended --- something that region has never recovered from.

    I think the election of Obama as president once again demonstrates that whites need Blacks to clean up their mess. The trouble this time, is that the current economic crisis may be beyond even us...

    1. Anonymous5:49 PM

      And YOU think obama has cleaned up messes, in America? You are blind is you still think that is true..

  47. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Tell me something that I don't know, the fewer blacks, the better the town. Who would have ever thought that? E. Holder was right, people have become cowards when it comes to stating the obvious. The above mentioned is a great example of a fact that prople don't want to admit.

  48. Anonymous10:51 AM

    ...and the fewer the whites the less the violence...

    Once again, Blackfolks will never lose money betting on how racist white folks can be. Holder was right in that white folks are cowardly about admitting their own pin-head silly conclusions about *all* people of color...

  49. Anonymous10:57 AM

    you are a great example of a fool. read the FBI file on crime in america and notice the race that is responsible for the most crime. If you can admit it, you can help to start fixing the problem with your people.

  50. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Silly rabbit, I thought Trix were for kids but obviously it includes idiots like you as well. Repeat after me: THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE IN THE UNITED SNAKES OF AMERIKKKA THAN THERE ARE BLACK PEOPLE SO THEY COMMIT THE MAJORITY OF VIOLENT CRIMES.

    But don't believe me: ask the people who were killed in the nursing home this past weekend by yet another white boy gone bonkers like yourself...

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Your comment is racist and untrue.

  51. Dustin6:25 PM

    I have read most of the comments on this page. I find most of what has been said to be very sad. Most of the people who have commented on this page are racist. I would be willing to believe that just about every person in the world hates somebody. I guess my question is this. Do you think that all the stats and percentages that have been put out help people get along? We could have such a great country. We could be happy as a whole and all work towards a common goal but we insist on fighting with each other. I'm a racist and so are you but I'm willing to say that I'm sorry. I want to live in a better world. I want to live in a world with different cultures. I want to live in a happy place where people except each others differences and realize that just because they do things differently it does not mean they are wrong. Its sad that the few bad people out there ruin things for all the good people.

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Excellent comment, Dustin.

    2. Anonymous12:08 AM

      thank you and your forgiven and im sorry too hate is not a race problem it's a people problem because we have both good and bad but we can choose good it's hard but can be done

  52. Anonymous9:12 AM

    So what is the solution? What is working and what isn't working? It seems like there are a lot of accusations and spotlighting the problem but I really would like to know what the writer and people who commented on the article would suggest as a solution.

  53. Anonymous7:39 AM

    blah blah blah, this argument is so old it's almost irrelevant. Without social differences people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be out of a job. If people want fair treatment they should conduct themselves in a way that is synonymous with it. Crying race everytime you dont get your way makes the rest of us think you are just lazy. I do not want my kids learning improper english (ebonics) in public schools.

  54. Quick, name *any* Black minister besides Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Jeremiah Wright. Can't do it can you? Just show how *little* you know in general about Blackfolks. Oh by the way, "english" is *always* capitalized ("English")...

  55. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I think that everything all you are saying is total horsecrap, whites want to blame the blacks, blacks want to blame the whites, how dare you forget about the browns, them little bastards are just as bad as the blackys when it comes to destroying this once pristine nation. How ever at least they will work and dont have a sense of entitlement, but I guess there own ancestors never sold them into slavery so why should they

  56. jonathan compton12:48 AM

    I think this site is wrong I am tired of hearing the "black" side of things that is just segregation. I am mixed race and I think it is ok if you want to live near your own kind. Why is it ok for black people to say "we need to be with are own kind and we need to see are own people on tv (BET) but it is not ok for white folk to want to do the same? LET IT GO. quit looking for an exscuse to hate each other If you dont like blacks Good for you and if you dont like whites good for you It is a choice I dont like girls but I like boys It is a prefrence. get over it and turn to Jesus If you all would spend more time praying as you do complaning this would be a better world. And from the point of view from a black and white person If I go to a place where I want to rent and i see one lil hood boy walking I bounce it is a easy as that Id be considered a racist but guess what Ive never been broken into. PEACE ON EARTH AND PRAISE JESUS!

  57. Anonymous10:25 AM

    yes i completely agree with reperations !! i think every black in american should pay MILLIONS of dollars to the families of white people who fought and died during the civil war freeing the niggers , many of the union troops never owned slaves and many were european immigrants THEY NEED TO BE COMPENSATED

  58. Anonymous9:29 PM

    This sounds like the author is more racist than the posters. I mean here are the facts:

    A) Most black neighborhoods are ghettos
    B) Most whites want to live in safe places.
    C) Most criminals are black even though most serial killers are white.
    D) I am not racist, its called realist!

    BE REAL, anyone is black can honestly say that its all the white mans fault that they are a crack dealer or hooker? I think not.

    If its all WHITEYS FAULT then why are blacks who don't live in America gang raping (Haiti) and screwing up the rest of the world?

    1. Anonymous1:38 AM

      because whites include the French Spanish Dutch etc. the French colonized Haiti. I don't blame you for not knowing the length of European evil. they don't teach it in our schools, the media gives us superman (heroes) a stark contrast to reality. we get the nightly news exposing our every human flaw. but I understand , if I controlled the news I would trim the fat too, you have to seek the info out, ... Maybe AA history should be a requirement in all schools including college.

  59. Anonymous9:43 PM

    To "Anonymous"...

    1. Since you probably live in Podunk Iowa, I guess you don't know that most Black neighborhoods *are not* "ghettos [sic]...learn to spell since you misspelled the word.

    2. So do Black folks

    3. Silly wabbit...most violent crime in the United States is committed by white people, but I guess you didn't know that only 1/10 of the population is Black and so therefore 70% of the people in Amerikkka are white and therefore commit most of the crime. But since you can't even spell "ghettoes" correctly, you're too stupid to know this. Oh and you *are* right that most serial killers are white, that's because this nation has a long history of committing mass murder against Black people, Native Americans and now against Latin@s

    4. Yeah, whatever...


  60. Anonymous11:46 PM

    What a bunch of pathetic black racists here doing what you all do best, complaining and whining about what you think you are entitled to without earning it. Blacks never created one community in this country, they simply took over existing communities from the whites by moving into them thereby forcing whites to move elsewhere since no one wants to live around blacks. And what a pack of lies about how friendly blacks are and how they will invite you into their home, blah, blah, blah, yeah if they haven't raped, murdered or robbed you blind by the time that invitation rolls around. And blacks commit the greatest number of murders, rapes and violent crimes. When reading statistics I'm sure as ignorant as you are you disregard that many Mexicans and Asians and other ethnicities also categorize themselves as white therefore inflating any criminal statistics for whites. Also our racist government hires only minorities and is forcing businesses to do the same while it grants minorities special privileges and funding which white citizens don't get. Yet in spite of the tide against white people, they still manage to achieve and move forward and without all the billions that you people bleed them for to even get your asses out of bed. As for your racist insults about whites, blacks are the most racist people on Earth. Just listen to any crap song and the lyrics are often telling other black people to kill all white while crying like babies for the government to pass law after law forcing others to treat you special, not equal, but special. What a pile of dog manure you are peddling here but then that's what you people do best, isn't it?

  61. Anonymous7:30 AM

    White people are SOOOOO funny, like the guy above. Stupid, ill-informed, incorrect, but talking like he *really* knows something and doesn't know shit.

    He hates Mexicans, Blacks, talks about "crying like babies", and yet ignores obvious white crimes against humanity like Hitler, the KKK, police murders, etc.

    Yah gotta give it to crackas like him though: they'll never stop denying that they're the "best" people on earth while simultaneously walking around with blood on their hands for the past 1000 years...yah just gotta give it to 'em...LOL!

  62. Anonymous10:45 AM

    You gotta ignore the idiot above who lives to spread hatred and lies. Present any black with facts and they choose to completely ignore them. The KKK since it's inception has murdered under 100 people (going back about 100 years or more). Blacks have murdered more Whites in hate crimes in the last few years than Whites have murdered blacks in the last 100 years. Good luck with trying to keep up with those facts since you obviously lack possession of any ability to absorb them. Malcom X sought out the KKK to aid him and his 175,000 followers in establishing a separate land grant to build a nation of islam in this country and to subvert King's civil rights movement as he did not want integration but rather segregation. You obviously only watch those idiotic Spike Lee movies and read the NAACP racist website to account for your lack of real knowledge. By the way I am an educated Hispanic with very fair skin so I hardly hate mexicans. And last I heard "cracka" is a racist slur, you ignorant piece of crap.

  63. Anonymous3:06 PM

    LOL! You're about as "Hispanic" as Al Sharpton, cracka.

    In the "safety" that the internet provides, I've seen crackas like you pretend they're people of color so that their posts are more "believable". Deceit is the hallmark of white supremacy, so I'm not surprised as your white supremacist drivel.

    BTW, read your history! It wasn't Malcolm X that sought out the KKK is was Marcus Garvey, Stupid...you people are *sooo* arrogant but appallingly stupid...

  64. Wow, a lot of hate going on here. "Cracka"? Is that even legal? It should be outlawed.

  65. Anonymous9:22 AM

    So should "nigger", "wop", "beaner", "dago", "kike", "hymie", "wetback"...you get the point...

  66. *All* racial epithets should be removed. I've kept this blog for three years now, and decided to let the "Anonymous" people spew forth their hatred so that it is obvious we are not in a "post racial America". Read them and weep...

  67. Oh, and by the way, this particular blog has received more comments than all of the others I've posted. It shows that someone (whites) are googling "the best places for white people to live"...the comments will be used for research I am conducting on internet hate speech, so please, keep them coming...

  68. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Interesting arguments. However, I found this site because I was researching for a racially diverse area that I could move in to and not have to deal with overt racism. I'm living in Guam. Was in Saipan for 10 years which is the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. There are people from all over the world here. Asians from different islands and countries, pacifici islanders, blacks. Of course, some of the pacific islanders are so dark they look like they may be black. No body cares. We have some mexicans here, people from Thailand, the Philippines, etc. I hears there is something like people fropm 40 different countries here. People here from Russsia and china, from the states, etc. The point is, I just haven't experieced overt rascism in the 11 years that I've lived in these islands. I went to visit my daughter and her family in Tenn, last month, and was shocked by the overt rascism I experienced. I didn't treat people any different their then here. Was friendly and expected only the best.

    I moved here because I like to experience different cultures. I'm moving back to the states in the next year and now I'm worried. I need to find a place that I can feel at home and have people treat me with the same respect that I plan to treat them with. I want friends, not enemies just because I'm white. Have a gandson that is half mexican, and a son in law that is part jewish. I am particularly fond of gays too.
    I work in the medical field in dialysis units. Certainly there must be a place that I can settle in to and feel at home. Any suggestions?

    1. Move to sacramento.I live in natomad.wonderful.35 years.we are white.indonesian.black.ukranian.hispanic.african am.russian.afgany.all on one street.and if anyone wants to be racist.you won't do it in our neighborhood!.we love all our neighbors.we all make an effort to get along.

  69. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Ray the problem with your argument is this. Whites innately and unconsciously hate Blacks and always will. It is part of their paranoid psyche & history of pillage, enslavement & brutality.

    Because of their paranoid state they think the dark people of the world will destroy them, so they project their own evil, & destruction of the Indian, African and dark people onto others. Then they do a preemptive strike because they think others have the same innate evil that they do. They even justify dropping nuclear weapons and killing 240,000 Japanese because in their minds japs were not human (at the time).

    What Blacks don't understand is even in slavery whites rationalized that they as slaveholders were not racist. They as many whites say in this blog think they saved us from Africa as they saved the American Indian by destroying them as Columbus saved South Americans by wiping them out. They discount that their Presidents or their forefathers owned, raped and killed slaves at random and still create laws that are racist. It makes whites angry to hear and read the Mary Turner story that happened to hundreds of pregnant Black women because they have never owned up to their history. It is too horrible for them to face. This is the essence of their madness. They are in mass institutional denial with their drugs, alcohol sexual perversions and psychological pathologies. They are sick people and it is a waste of your time and intellect to dialogue with these savages who are the real niggers (remember they invented the word) have no soul.

    I don’t talk to them; I don’t want to be around them, I don't want to see them. Their history is unparallel in savagery, slavery and now fascism as they are pawns of Fox news (whose second largest owner is Saudi by the way) who tells them Obama is the enemy. They don't even understand that their billionaires laugh at their stupid flag as they send more jobs to China and Japan for cheap labor and require them to work more hours domestically for less pay.

    We as Blacks need to stop believing that whites will ever see us as equal and we should not require that they do. I could care less what these evil savages think, they are Barbarians and history will record this fact. The "average" white man would never talk to the "average" Black man face to face as they do in the coward caves of the Internet. Ray, I know you and respect you but stop trying to educate, enlighten and teach whites about racism, their genetic structure does not allow them to see it. They are caught in the matrix.

    The reason they are so angry is because they cannot even compete with you and I in their own system. They are weak and their time is over and like all desperate people they need to blame us for their sad, miserable lives. If they were so happy in this nightmare they call America they would have never entered this Blog. They destroy everything they discover and as we have in the past we will save them from their selves, protect them and give them back their humanity. We are their only tie to sanity.

  70. Anonymous10:25 AM

    fuckin retards

  71. Anonymous4:24 PM

    These posts all seem to reflect "Social Darwinism." Watch out dumb people - black, white, green, or pink. There is much more segregation among us than that inspired by racism. "The Bell Curve" would be a great read for all of you. It outlines intelligence statistics by race. You might not find its conclusions very surprising. Color just happens to be a more apparent characteristic for steriotyping dumb people. And, right or wrong steriotyping is a tool for survival.

  72. Anonymous4:00 AM


    "For example, the *opinion* you assert about "illegitimacy" is completely incorrect. It is part of the hype perpetrated by the white right to cloud Southies like yourself that most children born in Black communities are "illegitimate". Simply false and I suggest you read this article: http://www.publiceye.org/welfare/Decades-of-Distortion-10.html that will explain why you, like so many whites and even Blacks cite such propaganda and erroneous data. . ."

    I have three college psychology textbooks focusing on adolescents, family, and marriage sitting to the left of me that give percentages stating the contrary.(all based on studies published by universities as current as 2007) Also, I would like to know if you cab direct me to any studies or published research that indicates alternate data.

    I have read the article and a few points seem hard to correlate to skewed data such as, "Census Bureau data documents that four-fifths of the increase in the proportion of illegitimate births result from married, employed African American women deciding to have fewer children. . ." How can anyone derive statistical data from illegitimate children that have not yet been born? The decision of having fewer children is not a numerical figure that be misrepresented to my knowledge. Any alternative data would be appreciated. Thanks.

  73. Excellent site, keep it up the great work.

  74. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Interesting observation re Money magazines criteria. You corrrectly observe that most white people desire to live amongst their own kind. What puzzles me is why you seem to think this is objectionable. Don't all normal, healthy people prefer to be with their own kind, whatever their "kind" may be? The only exception is when some people wish to associate with different kinds of people in order to gain economic benefits they can't get in their own community. If white people were truly free to enjoy "freedom of association" -- without adverse legal consequences -- the vast majority of whites would indeed choose to associate with their own kind. So what? Wouldn't most blacks also prefer to live exclusively amongst their own kind if they could enjoy the same economic advantages that now come through associating with whites? The only exception to this might be black men who want access to white women.

  75. Anonymous7:31 PM

    wow, Im white, and so ashamed of my own race, its very sad, but it takes all of us to make the world up, for the whites that believe in God, and want to live in all white neighborhoods, what are you going to do if you make it to heaven and you are beside a black or mexican, you dont get to choose up there, we are all mixed together as one, yes as one, if you were dying would you take a blacks blood or mexicans blood to live, prob not, your so igorand and lack the knowledge, did I mention I was white.

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      Every night I get on my knees and pray that there are no black people in Heaven. And any Mexicans probably got in there illegally.

  76. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Statistics says it all. Predominantly white areas have lower crime rates than minority areas. Since Johnsons Great Society this country has gone to hell.

  77. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I disagree with your assessment of Money Magazine's annual "Best Places to Live." To the contrary, the last few years have seen the list essentially give "brownie points" to Cities that are diverse and penalize those that are not. I believe this criteria should be neutral and only weather, crime, schools, and amenities weighted. There are common quality of life issues, but diversity or multi-culturalism is highly subjective. You are entitled to you opinion; just pointing out my observation regarding Money's list. I'm white and we agree on more than we disagree - good site.

  78. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Obviously this forum is being edited so I hope my post gets through. I was born in Arkansas and when I left home I wanted to prove that my Dad was racist. All I can say about that is, if you hit your head agianst a brick wall, you will soon learn not to do that. The most horrible thing about race relations is that we have nothing in common. One wants this the other wants that? How do we comprimse?

  79. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Why would any white person want to live near blacks or latinos.There whole life is about DRUGS and VIOLENCE getting on welfare and milking the system.The US is the only country that puts up these scumbags.We need a civil war send all this trash back to there third world countries!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      That's crazy. I am white and know lots of people, Including whites, on welfare. It's not just blacks.

  80. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Black people are the termites of the America

    destroying it inch by inch.You hear alot about mother Africa but i don't see any blacks going home.. Oh wait i know no welfare!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Anonymous,

    Last time I checked, I thought there was a huge group of trailer trash whites using meth who are now the major drug problem in Amerikkka. Am I wrong about this or am I wrong in assuming that you can read a newspaper and find this out?

  82. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Why is Africa still considered a 3rd world country?

  83. Africa is *not* a "country" it is a continent. It would be like asking "Why is Europe still considered a 3rd world country"? Which country in Africa are you talking about? Certainly, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa wouldn't be considered "3rd world countries".

  84. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I would love to live in a place like this. I haves lived in the south my whole life and I can't stand it. Anyone north of Tennessee has no room to talk. I do not consider myself a racist person. The best friend I have right now is black. But he doesn't choose to act ignorant and just plain stupid. He is a normal hard working person. I am very passionate to live in a place where race is no object, but due to the never ending chip on blacks shoulders; we will never get along. Not everything can be free, get a job

  85. Anonymous11:14 PM

    As someone who lives in a city that has a high population of blacks, I can attest to the fact that its not a good place to live for whites. As soon as I complete my bachelors degree in December, I intend to leave for a whiter city. While all black people are not bad, In general, the higher the black population the higher the crime. Look at the ten states with the highest population of blacks vs. the ten lowest and look at the crime rates. You will see that the more blacks that live in a state the more crime it has. I find it interesting that black people can walk through my neighborhood and be safe. Yet, if I was to walk through a black neighborhood, I give myself a 50/50 shot of making it through with my wallet and life. If the black community does not like to be profiled, they should not live up to the stereotypes which society has placed on them. If you think that my logic is racist or not fair then chances are you live in a place that is predominately white. If you were exposed to what I have witnessed as a resident of a city that is 70% black you would more than likely share my views. I watched a video on youtube that was titled something along the lines of "entitlement attitude". I find it very disturbing. Watch it before you judge my thoughts.

  86. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Interesting site. Look at all comments, I read every one from top to bottom. I agree that racism is alive and well in America, from all races. We will never truly get along, we will all ways blame each other, sure some of us will get along with some of them, but on the whole, neither of us really wants to live where we are not liked. I my self look for a community that reflects my race when deciding where to live. If you don't like being judged by the acts of others, you need to be better than them..

  87. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Looks like I will be subscribing to Money Magazine. White flight is real shit. Quit following us minorities!

    1. Anonymous2:08 AM

      go ahead and run, just don't take the good spots, stay in Iowa or Montana

    2. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Montana is beautiful and minorities are more than welcome to join us :)

  88. I like black women fine....just do not like getting hit on by every black man walking by. I am a white woman and I am not attracted to other races. I feel I should not be called racist when many black women only date their own race as well.

  89. I am white and just want peace

    1. Anonymous12:34 AM

      Totally, I have found that Black folks have made it hard for white folks to assimilate in Black neighborhoods. I know this from personal experience. I was even getting harassed by older folks in this neighborhood. They only people who were not bustin by butt were the kids. Kids are great! no one is born to hate, they are taught to hate. Also everyone is posting anonymous because they don't want their personal views to be misconstrued by the media. If people where more honest about their views (positive or negative) I think that there would be a lot less hate, because people could not feel unconformable around each other.

  90. Anonymous1:13 AM

    After much long thought, I just prefer to live with white people. I am white and want to live with others who are like me.

    It makes me feel safer and I get a sense of accomplishment when my community achieves good things. I feel a part of it.

    I was born to feel this way. It's not my choice and I can't change.

    Blame God for making me this way if it makes you want a reason why. You'll get a better answer from him than me because I have no idea why or how I was made.

    1. Anonymous2:15 AM

      you sound like a white and I remember reading an article about ww having an high murder rate and domestic abuse by their husbands ,yeah it was prohibition times, but my point if its in your nature to kill, you will kill who ever is closest to you,

  91. Anonymous1:23 AM

    America for whites, Africa for blacks. Get those niggers out of here, ship those niggers back.

  92. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Oh my goodness folks! I just have a few things to say. I believe that whites, blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, Asians, and Indians are all quite capable of committing crime, being racist, or whatever. Really I think it all comes down to where you are from, what kind of people raised you (regardless of race folks), and the people you grew up around. Don't laugh but I am from Montana and although there are racist people just like everywhere else, I had a much different experience with race growing up than a lot of people did. Although we didn't have much diversity there were certainly quite a few black people living in our community, going to school with us, playing sports with us. And guess what? We didn't think a damn thing about it. It wasn't an issue in our community and if it ever became one the whole school was angry about it. We were never taught about racism or told anything bad about any race. If a Chinese exchange student showed up we were excited because we wanted to know all about their culture and experiences. We didn't get all up tight about the new addition we got excited to have a new friend. It's what you people are taught that's making the world a racist shit hole. And don't think I haven't experienced racism firsthand just because I didn't grow up around it. I lived in a large city in California where there was more racism than I thought possible. From everyone. All angles. Every race I met. And I have never before been asked "what I am"! I am human what the he'll do you mean? I am of mixed racial background and apparently it's obvious to people obsessed with race. I'm not scared of living around black or white or Asian folks! I'm scared of living around people taught to judge or even consider someone's skin tone. Get over it.

  93. Comal county TEXAS

  94. Anonymous10:34 AM


  95. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Found this blog searching for, "is there anywhere that doesn't allow black people to live there?"

    I'm from the rural midwest, wasn't overtly racist until I moved to downtown Chicago.

    Now I'm basically racist, but only against blacks. Won't buy a house with them in the neighborhood. I've been harassed non-stop in the streets of Chicago and there's no way my wife or kids are ever going to be exposed to those animals who have no families, dignity, or civility.

    White people who aren't racist, just never lived around them- because all the whites moved to the suburbs 75-50 years ago..

    I'm cool with living next to hispanics, asians, arabs, but no blacks. They stand apart and only minorities who buy into the BS about "we're all oppressed" (meaning, ones who have NOT lived around blacks), agree with me.

    It's all of us vs the black man/woman. They're fucking HORRIBLE.
    Trust me, the other races in Chicago or any large city DO agree and talk behind black's backs.
    Blacks don't like anyone, and my buddy who ran a gas station on 87th street (an Indian) was scared of them even behind bullet proof glass!
    Trust me, there's no "unity" in being non-white in general. Blacks hate everyone. We whites are not the enemy.

    And the media's insistence that "YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE THEM" (blacks) is bs, ignore it.

    No ones scared of niggers. We're not scared about a fist fight, but they don't want that because then they wouldn't "look cool" when they get knocked out by a white man.. the most shameful thing that could happen to them.
    It's that we don't want needless violence (like when they hit their kids in public, all the time). Or to go to jail just because some dumb black bastard has no job and looking for trouble.

    I'll always treat people with dignity until they prove me wrong.. but I'm VERY wary of black people and people SHOULD be fearful of them. Take it from me, someone who has lived near the hood and dealt with those people- keep them out of your neighborhoods however you can.

    The whites and Mexicans (who don't fall for the "we're all oppressed by whitey" shit) need to unite against these motherfuckers.

    Not exactly what I was expecting to find in my search for a black-free neighborhood, but gave me some good ideas. If there was an area that allowed open discrimination, I'd move there.


  96. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Hi everyone I am really surprised and ashamed to read some of the post on this blog I don't understand how anyone can judge a whole race of people based on the actions of few there are bad people of all Races there are lazy people of all Races just as there are good people of all Races and hard working people of all Races I don't understand how people can feel entitled or better than others based on the color of the vagina that they came out of I also don't understand how ignorant people can think that a black American is any less of an American than a white person the only true Americans are the American Indian and you don't win America just because you killed all of them so for those people who don't want to share America with blacks and other minorities why don't you move to Iceland or the Arctic or go back to the original lands of your ancestors

  97. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I like any where that has limited amount of mexican pigs and kids in general. We need a good plague that wipes out 2/3rds of those of latin descent.

  98. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Best thing to do is round up every filthy nigger, meaning every African American), and ship them all back to Africa with nothing. Not even clothing. They're kind don't deserve it. Then we'll have black people here, and not the filth that predominates their kind.

    1. Anonymous3:12 PM

      You should learn how to spell and use proper English. "They're kind", dummy, should be, "Their kind", fool.

      Go back to your trailer, Mr. White Trash, and guzzle some more Lite Beer with the cousin you married.