Saturday, April 14, 2007

On Imus and White Supremacy's Reaction to his Firing

I've been reading/listening to the news and see that many of us are following the reaction of white supremacists to the firing of Imus. People classified as white always stage a "quiet riot" after Blackpeople "win" anything. After the Civil War it was the KKK, after Brown v. Board, it was Little Rock, after OJ Simpson, they remained adamant that he was "guilty", yet could prove nothing.

So today, we find that after the white boy gets fired for his racist remarks against Blackwomen, (not just the Rutgers women), white folks accuse Us of being hypocrital when it comes to the use of the "bitch", "ho", and "dawg" to describe Ourselves and place Sharpton and Jackson at the head of the hypocristy.

Now for some facts which are often ignored when we drink the vomit of white supremacy.

1. 28 organizations condemned Imus' remarks (many of them white) and not just Jackson's Rainbow Coalition and Sharpton's National Action Network. The white supremacists want you to think that Imus' firing was orchestrated by Sharpton and Jackson, because *they* are the only two "Black leaders" recognized by a white public woefully ignorant of the rich and varied leadership in the Black community.

2. Sharpton and Jackson have consistently condemned the use of such language by rappers AND the white corporations that pay them to utter this filth. It has not only been Sharpton and Jackson, but Minister Louis Farrakhan who has met, organized and attempted to dissuade *all* rappers from using the degrading language, e.g., "I got a ho in every zip code", used by some rappers, and not all. There is no hypocrisy on *their* part (Sharpton & Jackson) because they have a long history of such condemnation.

3. We need to stop uttering any words that degrade Us. "Nigger", "Nigga", "Bitch", "Ho", "Dawg", etc., and understand that MCA, SONY, Def Jam, etc., are all run by people classified as white with Blackpuppets in front of them, who pay millions of dollars to young Brothers and Sisters who are taken advantage of because they are victims of white supremacy and are deprived of understanding who they are in a white supremacist world. CONDEMN THE WHITE FOLK WHILE YOU CONDEMN THE BLACK FOLKS WHO HAVE CONSISTENTLY OPPOSED SUCH LANGUAGE.

4. The face of hip hop has become Snoop, but what about Dead Prez, "old school" (a term I despise) Public Enemy, Talib Kweli or NYOil? Most of the white folks (and an increasing number of Black folks believing the hype) can't name two hip hop groups/artists who CONDEMN this garbage because they believe that all hip-hop is what the iconic Snoop says it is.

5. STOP USING THE WORDS YOURSELF and CONDEMN those in your company who do. Watch the reaction when you do. It will be an expression of disgust as you tell them why you have rejected the white supremacy that this society forced upon all of Us to degrade Ourselves.

6. The Sharpton, Jackson AND the Blackwomen of Rutgers basketball team *are receiving death threats* even as I write this (see and If past is prologue, the white supremacists MUST retaliate in response to what has happened to a white male that they adore. Who is the hypocrite? These young women AND Sharpton and Jackson did absolutely nothing but attempt to replace white supremacy with justice. That's all. Period. End of sentence, yet *they* are becoming targets of the same vicious hate that oozes out of the pores of white supremacy's body and are attempting to exact revenge on whom they *PERCEIVE* as the source of thwarting Imus' white supremacy. It is the same ***American*** violence that killed Martin Luther King, who had Fanni Lou Hamer beaten senseless, who hosed down pregnant women in Birmingham, who castrated Blackmen who attempted to escape from enslavement, who raped Blackwomen who defied them and who threatens Our Afrikan Queens who staged the most glorious comeback in NCAA women's basketball history at Rutgers. See the big picture folks and not small and white supremacist "news" you see/hear on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. It's the vomit of white supremacy, wanting YOU to think that this is all OUR problem and deflect criticism away from the white supremacy that is at the root of this vulgar and racist nation.

7. As the *conscious* Flava Flav would have said, "Don't believe the hype"...

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  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    So used to the inevitable backlash on Black folks for discrediting whites, I have refused to allow myself to engage in further media misrepresentation.

    Therefore, I have chosen to ignore the attacks on me, my community and on the defenders of my community.

    I have chosen instead to turn off the radio, and the T.V. and acknowledge that once again propaganda is being used as another means with which to defame us.

    After all, isn't the backlash coming from white supremists who, as usual, see themselves as more important than the rest of us, propaganda?

    I agree with you Winbush, you articulate so well how white supremacy "tries" to disqualify our accomplishments.

    Roxanne Andrews