Saturday, December 02, 2006

Aren't You Tired of Black People Being Murdered by People Classified as White?

It's happened again.

Sean Bell, a 23-year old Black man was shot 50 times with 9mm guns by four police officers as he was exiting a club the night before what should have been the happiest day of his life, his wedding day. Two of his friends, attending the bachelor party are in serious and critical condition after barely surviving the barrage.

He was unarmed...

He had no arrest record...

He was getting married the next day...

The officers who committed the murder were put on administrative leave with pay (killing a Black person earns you a paid vacation).

The Mayor of New York has called for a "thorough investigation".

Sound familiar? Of course it does, because even though Sean's case is getting national attention, many police murders never reach CNN.

Look at what happened to Deandre Brunston in Compton California if you can. He was shot 81 times and was also unarmed.

I could name others and so can you.

Aren't you tired of Black people being murdered by people classified as white?

I am, and so was Ida B. Wells in 1892. The mother of Black journalism and anti-lynching crusader wrote this when the killing of Black men and women was occurring nearly every day throughout the United States:

"The lesson this teaches and which every Afro American should ponder well, is that a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give. When the white man who is always the aggressor knows he runs as great a risk of biting the dust every time his Afro-American victim does, he
will have greater respect for Afro-American life. The more the Afro-American yields and cringes and begs, the more he has to do so, the more he is insulted, outraged and lynched."

--- Ida B. Wells, Southern Horrors: Lynch Law In all its Phases,

And so was Toni Morrison in 1987 when she wrote in her powerful book, Song of Solomon about The Seven Days:

"There is a society. It's made up of a few men who are willing to take some risks. They don't initiate anything; they don't even choose. They are as indifferent as rain. But when a Negro child, Negro woman, or Negro man is killed by whites and nothing is done about it by their law and their courts, this society selects a similar victim at random, and they execute him or her in a similar manner if they can. If the Negro was hanged, they hang; if a Negro was burnt, they burn; raped and murdered, they rape and murder. If they can. If they can't do it precisely in the same manner, they do it any way they can, but they do it. They call themselves the Seven Days. They are made up of seven men. Always seven and only seven. If one of them dies or leaves or is no longer effective, another is chosen. Not right away, because that kind of choosing takes time. But they don't seem to be in a hurry. Their secret is time. To take the time, to last. Not to grow; that's dangerous because you might become known. They don't write their names in toilet stalls or brag to women. Time and silence. Those are their weapons, and they go on forever."
"You? You're going to kill people?"
"Not people. White people."
"But why?"
"I just told you. It's necessary; it's got to be done. To keep the ratio the same."
"And if it isn't done? If it just goes on the way it has?"
"Then the world is a zoo, and I can't live in it."
"Why don't you just hunt down the ones who did the killing? Why kill innocent people? Why not just those who did it?"
"It doesn't matter who did it. Each and every one of them could do it. So you just get any one of them. There are no innocent white people, because every one of them is a potential nigger-killer, if not an actual one. You think Hitler surprised them? You think just because they went to war they thought he was a freak? Hitler's the most natural white man in the world. He killed Jews and Gypsies because he didn't have us. Can you see those Klansmen shocked by him? No, you can't."

Both Wells and Morrison talk openly about what many Afrikans debate privately: In the face of constant and sustained violence against Black people, when is it proper to use violence to obtain justice?

Opponents of apartheid asked this question on November 28, 1992 when four members of a white country club were killed as retaliation for 24 members of the African National Congress being killed four days previously in a peaceful demonstration in South Africa.

Whenever I hear Afrikans like Sean being killed, I don't just think of him.

I think about his fiance, Nicole Paultre who is also the victim of this latest police murder.

I think about his two fatherless children.

I think about the children that Sean and Nicole will never have.

I think about Sean's mother.

I think about Sean's father.

I think about how such grief and anger continues to be the price Afrikans pay for living in a world where their lives are cheap.

I think about what Ida B. Wells said.

I think about what Toni Morrison wrote.

I think about what the Azanian People's Liberation Army did on November 28, 1992.

I think about the world's largest graveyard, the Atlantic Ocean, where millions of my Ancestors lie buried beneath its waters because of the TransAtlantic Slave "Trade"...

And again I ask, "Aren't you tired of Afrikans being murdered by people classified as white?"


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Once again Raymond you have managed to take the time to illustrate the sentiments so many others cannot or will not.

    You amaze me. It is apparent that your deep conscientiousness as is your compassion for the Afrikan people is infinite.

    Thank you for sharing...Roxanne.

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    No, you are right about a man being killed when he it should not have happened. But you also cannot break the law, and threaten the lives, and civil liberties of other people, specifically police officers, like Deandre Brunston did and think that nothing will come out of it. Just because he is black, threatening the lives of everyone around, including a police dog (which is still considered a police officer), you feel that when he drew out some object, what was later detremined to be his wallet, it's ok for a police officer to possibly not go home, but it's perfectly unacceptable for him to be shot due to his aggressive bodily behavior just because he is black? Your logic is screwed up and you think it's ok to give repeat criminal offenders more rights than someone who upholds the law. You people are sick with your flaccid logic and inconsistancies. The reverse racism against white people that you breed keep the race struggle more alive than it ever has. After reading what you have written so far, you are possibly the BIGGEST racist I have ever read the works of, behind Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. This type of logic will lead to the moral destruction of this great nation. I challenge you to email me on the subject.

    - John Stephansky

  3. Mr. Stephansky,

    Before I comment on what you've written, I need to ask you something: Do *any* white conservatives like yourself know *any* other "Black leaders" other than Sharpton and Jackson? You guys cite them in *everything* you write and broadcast, and it reflects and incredibly naive and narrow view of the breadth of leadership in the Black communnity.

    That being said, I can now turn to some of the racist drivel you spew forth...

    "Break the law"? Is that what happened when Deandre Brunston was hiding a flip-flop and was threatening police? Furthermore, does it take 81 bullets to fell *anyone* in the line of duty?

    You probably feel afraid of what Wells and Morrison imply in the quotations I cite, and frankly I could care less about what you think since it isn't your people being killed. White folks like yourself are so good at pontificating like Superman about "truth, justice and the American way", when in fact is *your* "truth" for Just-us and the Amerikkkan way."

    Your racism, like smelly pus finally oozes through when you claim that I am a racist. Clearly, you don't understand that "racism" is a system that connotes power, control and subordination. I could only be a "Black racist" (an oxymoron) if you can show me a group of white people that I control their economies, language, educational system and industries. You give me far too much credit when you say stupid things like that. Read a little more so that you can be clear on what you're talking about.

    Finally, this is *not* a great nation. It is a nation that was born in white supremacy and exists with an inflated view of itself. Do I live here? Yes? Do I like it? Sometimes, and before you ask something like, "Why don't you go back to Africa?", I reserve the right to critique this nation at *any* level I please and to do so with freedom from racists like yourself.

    Read much more and perhaps one day we can have an intelligent conversation. Since you were public with your comments about this, I am also posting this on my blog. It is my effort to reflect the balance that Toni Morrison calls for in the Song of Solomon...


    Ray Winbush

  4. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Yesssss!!! Ah Right Now!!!

  5. Anonymous10:12 AM

    add to this enslavement, lynching, destruction of black communities by vigilantes, the 1,600 urban black communities that were the receipt of urban renewal, the governmental instituted redlining, the obmission from social security of farm workers primarily black, etc....

  6. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Well if one were to just look at the facts, i.e.: the majority of violent crimes are performed by peoples of the black race. Further, the U.S. would have violent crime statistics much more in line with some of the more evolved countries if black violence were eliminated. Check out the immigrant Chinese, Koreans, and Indians for a lesson on pulling oneself up by their "bootstraps", not waiting for another hand out,aka reparations. What a joke. Man has enslaved man since the start of time and still practice it. Wrongfully and heinously so but there it is. Slavery happened. Hello, it's called history. Are we to go back and apologize and attempt to right every wrong ever done? Pure folly. Where does one begin, or end for that matter?

  7. What a silly post and for several reasons.

    The oft cited, but Faux News statistic that "the majority of violent crimes are performed by peoples of the black race" is not only incorrect, but shows the core stupidity of your post. There are simply more white people in this country (D-U-H) and the top four violent crimes, e.g., murder, rape, armed robbery and arson are without a doubt committed by people classified as "white". Most people in prison, jails and other correction facilities are white, Dittohead, just check out the facts and not Bill O'Reilly.

    "Immigrant" Irish had the Molly Maguires (check your history). "Immigrant" Italians, had the Mafia and "Immigrant" Chinese had the Tong. If you're too unintelligent to read about the Irish and I suspect you are, go to Blockbuster and rent "The Gangs of New York" and see how crime is indigenous to *all* immigrant groups who came to the United Snakes of Amerikkka.

    People classified as white like yourself, rarely bother with the truth, when it comes to analyzing the persistence of white supremacy in the American African community, the lingering effects of enslavement and (God forbid!) white people's continuing complicity in the racism that would elect an idiot like McCain over a far more qualified candidate who is Black named Obama.

    "Pure folly"...

  8. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Actually there have been many studies outside of even fox news that shows that 20% of the population I.E blacks commit 65% of the crime in this country. Theres even more spanish in the country and blacks still commit more crime.
    Blacks also commit more black on white crime or black on other race crime then all others combined on crime against blacks.

    To top it off, many blacks refuse to accept that truth in history that most black slaves were sold to whites by african tribes who happend to conquer other tribes and took them as slaves. Its amazing how little black actually know about african culture yet scream and holler that they know it all.

    I have no doubt i will be labeled a racist. Its the typical response to someone who doesnt agree with your point of views.

    Also if you are born in this country you are an American. Your decent may be african, just like my family decent is norwegian, but i dont call myself a norwegian american,
    Im a white american just like you all are black americans. Unless you were born there and came over, you cant be labeled as such.

    As for the author writing on about the person who was shot and killed by the police. Its unfortunate but if he would have listened and not acted hostile and followed directions that were given to him then he would still be alive today.

    You can find many occasions where police have shot whites an obscene number of times.

    Before someone brings up the rodney king incident. If you ever watched the full video, he refused to co-operate with the police, he was drugged up and he attacked them first. He also was choking an officer. He was so high that alot of the hits werent affecting him.

    Oh not to mention rodney king has been arrested 6 times after that incident and one of those times was for rape. Yep great guy there !!

  9. Siily wabbit,

    I'm always struck when data like this are cited because they're absolutely incorrect but feed into the myth of Black violence overwhelming the country.

    The fact is that *most* violent crimes in this country are committed by whites simply because there are far more white people in this country than whites. It's simple math, but something that racists like yourself overlook.

    Secondly, don't give me the boring drivel long since disproved that Blacks were the *primary* enslavers of Africans during enslavement. Only one country in West Africa - Dahomey even came *close* to having an economy based on slavery. Also, did Native Americans scout for Custer? Yes. Did Jews participate in their Holocaust by sending other Jews to the gas chambers. Yes. Did Japanese help inter their neighbors in internment camps during WWII? Yes. But in *none* of these instances do we blame the collaborator with the instigator. Were Jews responsible for the Holocaust? No. The Lakota for genocide? No. The Japanese for their internment? No. Africans for their enslavement? No. Think, idiot and you'll come out a lot better.

    And please, cut the "born in Amerikkka, so you're an American" crap. When did Blackpeople become "American"? During slavery? I don't think so? The Jim Crow era? Nope. You'd have to mark the beginning of "full citizenship" in 1964 with the passage of the civil rights billand even since then, we have seen more death threats against a Black president (+3000 and counting) that indicates that what being an "American" is to *you* is certainly not what being an American is to me. You are an Amerikkkan and that's for damn sure...