Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Village Idiot Speaks and I think about quitting Amerikkka

As I was listening to the State of the Union Address last night, I couldn't help but feel a sense of total disconnection from the United Snakes, more than at anytime in my life. If you are Black, it is hard in the best of times to live with a sense of ease in Amerikkka. I am seriously considering leaving the U.S. As an Afrikan in Amerikkka it seems pointless to stay in a nation where on the same day that Coretta Scott King joined the Ancestors, a white supremacist joined the Supreme Court. To hear the Selected president talk about cutting programs which sends coded messages to his white wing supporters, to hear him blame his colleagues for blocking his "social security reform" and to hear him sabre rattle against the Palestinians who democratically elected Hamaas to govern them, was like listening to the Village Idiot. No sophisticated thinking, a perpetual shitfaced grin that disgusts even his handlers, lies upon lies and twisted logic makes it all the more easier to realize that for Afrikans in this land mass it will be increasingly difficult to remain here.

Me? I'm going to be following in the steps of Randall Robinson, and simply quit Amerikkka...


  1. I listened with no particular expectations as my final disconnect came a few months ago with the Bill Bennett statement that aborting black babies would resolve a societal problem that the United "Snakes" government created.

    In any case, I have no political references to make or comments about the lack of intellectual integrity in Bush's statements. My comments are emotional responses to certain realities in a in a land built by my forefathers and in which my immediate family owns a piece of the earth. My grandmother use to say "as long as you own a piece of the earth, you will never be homeless." I'm sure she's saddened right now to see that I am feeling quite homeless. When she lived, she was all about the struggle of sustaining her family and leaving whatever legacy she could. Too busy to foresee what the power of images and the spoken word have on the unconscious, and the long-term effects on our ability to be all we can be in this world. One thing she could appreciate, however, was spiritual freedom. Being constantly slapped in the face with Alitos, Bushes, Bennetts and Cheneys does nothing to uplift a spirit -- it only weakens it.

    In some ways there is motivation in this scenario -- motivation to make better decisions about how I want to live the rest of my life -- whether in peace or confusion. Yes, there is some bitterness at the moment. I'm deeply hurt and disappointed that my spirit cannot be free in the land where I was born and learned about humanity. I believe I have fought the good fight -- Amerikka the Beautiful. I join Messrs. Winbush, Robinson and a host of other Afrikan/black Americans who have grown tired and decided to "quit" Amerikka. Leave I MUST -- my spirit left some time ago.

  2. Anonymous1:25 AM

    My mind, spirit and soul are reeling. You couldn't possibly truly mean this. "Quitting". To do what and go where that you won't be faced with the same issues. African Man, your spirit has not left it simply needs to be fortified. This is not about America, this is about the rights and respect of every black life worldwide. This is about all life being honored and not being allowed to be trampled upon. I find the idea of you and any other African Man "quitting" a hurtful abandonment. You certainly deserve a respite from the battle but you cannot quit and should not. The idea of it tears at my soul. You, who has been blessed with the gift of great humanity, ethical reason and insight, empathy and compassion bestowed upon you by your creator as it was forged in this crucible of oppression of America, if not for the good of all humanity, what is it's purpose? If not you, then who? If you quit we may as well all quit because we are only as strong as you. But I guess it is your right, and now as a black woman who is nourished and fortified by her African Men, I weap but will continue to always stand for you. There are no stronger men on this planet than African American Men. But, what do I know, I am only of him. Maybe I have only deluded myself all of my life.

  3. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Ray,I hope you take my comments seriously; visit Randall don't follow him.

  4. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Greetings Ray, I'm glad to see that you started your own Web Blog. I consider that I quit so-called America, years ago when I came to understand that white supremacy (racism) is a global system and it really doesn't matter where one resides. What matters is that one resides wherever one can find a level of relative comfort, which makes it possible to effectively think, speak and/or act to resist, nullify and/or eliminate white supremacy (racism). No matter where you reside, continue to reveal truth and upon finding truth, speak and act to promote justice on the basis of the truth found. Don't be concerned about quitting so-called America. Jes don't quit the struggle, wherever you go. RWSWJ, P