Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Reflections on Mother Rosa Parks and Condoleezza Rice...

Like many others I mourn the death of Mother Rosa Parks the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement". As mourners filed past her coffin in the Rotunda of the Capitol, I could not help remembering how this giant of a woman is being lauded now but was so hated when she kept her seat on Decembver 1, 1955. Mother Parks was forced to leave Montgomery after her courageous act because whites in Montgomery would no longer employ her. She sought and found refuge in the Afrikan community of Detroit, protected from the economic woes which surely would have overwhelmed her had she remained in Montgomery.

All such economic violence directed toward her is now forgotten and smothered with phrases like "racial progress" and "equal opportunity". I saw the bloodthirsty Condoleezza Rice attempting to connect her obscene international policies with the gentle and dignified work of Mother Parks and mused that Rice is not even remotely related in spirit or action to Mother Rosa. Rice will be remembered for failed policies that caused the death of thousands of people of color, while Mother Rosa will be remembered for opening the door to freedom to millions of people not only in the United Snakes but throughout the world.

We will miss you Ancestor Parks, but we will never forget how you showed that One person can change the world for either absolute good in your case and absolute evil in the case of the Secretary of State...

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  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I almost asked for this 11/1 ... :-) Thanks for the *food for thought*.