Friday, September 30, 2005

White Supremacist Bill Bennett: Abort Black babies and the crime rate will go down...

Bill Bennett's pompous ass has made yet another stupid comment which reflects the mindset of Amerikkka relative to Afrikans and crime. In a "clean up" interview over remarks he made that you could reduce the crime rate in America by aborting Black babies, Bennett opines, "...that anyone who knows him knows he isn't racist. He said he was merely extrapolating from the best-selling book "Freakonomics," which posits the hypothesis that falling crimes rates are related to increased abortion rates decades ago. "It would have worked for, you know, single-parent moms; it would have worked for male babies, black babies," Bennett said." Perhaps they don't know he is "racist" but then again, not many white Amerikkkans have insight enough to really understand what being racist is in the first place.

What is intriguing is the typical Black leadership response to such comments. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Wade Henderson have weighed
in with the usual round of condemnatory phrases with Henderson going a step further by saying that Bennett's show should be pulled from the airwaves. While I applaud Jackson and Henderson for condemning Bennett's racism, most likely that is the "endgame" and nothing else will happen. There is a degree of political impotence when racists like Bennett make such remarks because nothing really happens to them.

Imagine for a moment if he had said, "If you could abort every Jewish baby, the production of Hollywood movies would decline."? There would be an outcry from the ADL and other groups condemning his remarks as anti-Semitic but the difference would be that the ADL and other Jewish groups would find ways of making sure Bennett's mouth would rarely be heard again on any social issue. Afrikan leaders in Amerikkka should condemn such remarks; they should also proceed to sanction Bennett in every way possible so that he as well as others who amusingly propose genocidal practices against Afrikans will think twice before making such remarks.


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

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  2. Dr. Winbush,

    Maybe if you aborted language like "Amerikkkans," others would be inclined to take you and your causes more sincerely.

  3. Mike,

    I use the terms "Amerikkka", "Amerikkkan" to draw attention to its continuing white supremacist history as it just did with you when you decided to post. The average white, particularly "conservative whites" and confused "conservative" Blacks have very little, if any understanding of Amerikkka's racist past. Trust me, the people who understand that legacy --- both good and bad--- take "[our] causes *very* seriously as can be seen by the gathering that took place just this past weekend in Washington DC.

    I would take the causes of conservatives "more sincerely" if they showed an ounce of understanding of Amerikkkan history. Until such knowledge is evident, blowhard white supremacists like Bill "I've-got-a-major-gambling-problem-but-I-like-to-pontificate-about-virtues" Bennett only serve to polarize even further Amerikkkans of all colors on the issue of race.