Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pimping Four "Brothers", Vanilla Ice and Reparations

I went to see the film "Four Brothers" last week and concluded that not only was it a lousy film, but a prime example of how Black people are pimped. Without revealing too much of the plot, essentially four men --- two Black and two white --- reunite for their adopted mother's funeral (she's white of course) who has been murdered during a convenience store hold-up. Revenge against their adopted white mother's murderers is the theme of the film as they rampage throughout a rundown Detroit seeking the murderers.

Mark Wahlburg is clearly the "brother" in charge and can freely make "friendly" racial epthets to his Black "brothers" since, after all he was raised with them. Interestingly enough the film was directed by John Singleton who also produced "Hustle and Flow". Singleton has a mixed history of bringing films to the screen that portray Black life in America. His now classic "Boyz in the Hood", was probably the epitome of a well-done film on Black life as was "Baby Boy". "Four Brothers" is not only a terrible film but allows the white characters to say and do anything to Black folks since somehow they have been legitimized by being commonly reared by a white grand dame in the 'hood.

Interestingly enough, Craig Brewer, the director of Singleton-produced "Hustle and Flow" has announced that his next film will be featuring David Banner who will make his acting debut along side Samuel L. Jackson in “Black Snake Moan.” The movie is about a white woman who is a nymphomaniac and must be cured by a black bluesman (!).

I think Craig Brewer is fast on his way to becoming the "Vanilla Ice" of Black film since he is following in the footsteps of his predecessor who attempted to appropriate hip-hop music in the early 1990s with "Ice, Ice Baby". Brewer attempts to pimp Black culture by selling silly scenarios on Black life to our people. Unfortunately he is being aided and abetted by two Black folk: John Singleton and Terence Howard...

Marimba Ani says that the critique of eurocentric behavior must be aggressive because the destructive forces of European culture are aggressive, unrelenting and ubiquitous. Afrikans need to understand that *all* art forms emerging from eurocentric minds --- both white AND Black --- are oozing with the pus of white supremacy. Reparations seek to address not only the wounds inflicted by racism, but the cure as well and understanding how white supremacy entices our minds and seduces our thinking is an important task for the conscious Afrikan.

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