Thursday, July 07, 2005

Reparations Case Dismissed from Chicago Court

Two days ago the corporate reparations case was dismissed by the Federal Court in Chicago. Norgle, the judge has *never* ruled in favor of an Afrikan in *any* case, so it was not that big of a surprise. It will be appealed all the way to the White Supremacist Court. This will *ignite* rather than discourage reparations activists. Dr. Conrad Worrill came out strong as he should have about the judge's immersion in white supremacy.

Also on this day, there was the bombing in London during the G-8 Summit. A tragedy and I am struck by how the white world disconnects its crimes against people of color from its own suffering. Palestinians, Iraqis and Afrikans continue to pay the price of white supremacist lust for more, bigger and better...

...and the beat goes on...

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