Tuesday, July 12, 2005

NEWS BULLETIN! NAACP to Target Private Business for Reparations

On my way from Morgan, I received a call from Deadria Farmer-Paellmann telling me that The Washington Times (of all papers) did a front page story about the NAACP targeting private businesses for reparations. I was excited enough to stop by a store and for the first time in my life, purchase a copy of the paper. Sure enough Brian DeBose, a Brother who I met at the NAACP convention on Sunday and who I had encouraged to be aggressive with his newspaper in getting the word out about reparations wrote a comprehensive story about what the NAACP was going to do. It is clear that our presentation on Sunday had a direct influence on the NAACP and I'm happy about that. More importantly, this will be the added "clout" that the movement needs. I called Deadria after I got home and she *had already* written a letter thanking the NAACP for their help. We must make sure that we follow-up on this breakthrough since it can easily be derailed by those both in and out of the NAACP. There is so much at stake here as well as the politics that will be played with this. Stay tuned...


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Congratulations! Keep-up the excellent work.


  2. I think you should read Thomas Sowell's Quest for Cosmic Justice...hopefully it will change your mind about this nonsense.

  3. Dear “Janna”,

    Thanks for your opinion. Thomas Sowell reflects the self-hatred that reparations advocates wish to ameliorate. He, like Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice and others are in need of psychological “repair” relative to how they have swallowed the bizarre and erroneous notion that racism has been “transcended” in our society. As an African in Amerikkka I am told to “Remember the Alamo”, “Remember the Maine”, “Celebrate the Fourth of July”, but “forget” about enslavement AND its aftermath. If reparations for enslavement are “nonsense” so are these events as well as the reparations paid for the illegal incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII, and the treaty violations that Amerikkka perpetrated on the Lakota, Choctaw and Cherokee dating back before the “end” of enslavement in 1865.

    Read better history than Thomas Sowell and I think you’ll be prepared to have an intelligent discussion on the subject of slave reparations which will inevitably be paid by you and other citizens of Amerikkka.


    Ray Winbush