Sunday, July 17, 2005

CBC will Continue to Press Reparations Issue

I received a call last night from a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. We talked strategy concerning John Conyers' HR-40 bill which calls for the United States to do a study on the impact of slavery.

I'm always struck that whites who oppose reparations never view their inherited wealth, white privilege and false feelings of superiority as being a by-product of slavery. Richard America an Afrikan economist who teaches at Georgetown estimates that $8-10 trillion that is part of white America's wealth is directly attributable for slavery. Many whites will quickly say, "My ancestors didn't own slaves, so why should I pay for reparations?", but will look dumbfounded when you tell them how their ancestors worked for corporations who benefited from slavery, landowners whose wealth derived from slavery allowed them to have a job, and held jobs that Afrikans were far more qualified for, but because of white supremacy, were not allowed to work. Thinking is in short supply with whites who are opposed to reparations...

It is clear that this coming fall will see a several resolutions in Congress that will be directly related to reparations. Like Brown v. Board, ten years from now people will say that the non-support of reparations was a mistake. It will be interesting to see how members of Congress will rationalize why they did not support reparations then when they have a chance to do so now...


  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Does the CBC have a network such as email lists that they send information out to voters/citizens, when these types of things are presented? In order for individuals to send support emails or make phone calls to their comgress in support of resolutions, they need to know about this stuff. The group Move On does a great job with this sort of thing. Maybe, the question maybe should be is there a citizen group that does this type of thing in support of issues that effect the Black community?

  2. This is an excellent question. I went to the website of the CBC Foundation (a different entity but one that works closely with the CBC. I joined their mailing list by filling in the information at If I or you find out anything, please post it on my blog.

    Thanks again for an excellent quesiton!

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Inquired at Rep. Conyers whether they were aware of an group like move on that addressed legislative issues, candidates related to the Black community..they said nothing other than the one you mentioned in your comments. They suggested a a site called African Americans for Viewed site they are really just beginning, but seems to have some potential to address what so far seems to be a vacuum in the community.